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The Vow


Salem, Massachusetts



There's no turning back.

The witch hunt has begun, and we will be running the trials. You understand that, don't you, George? You best of all. We will use the trials to turn the puritans against each other. They will hunt and kill and drown in their very own blood till there's no puritans left standing and Salem Is ours.

Seven years after the events of September 21st 1685, Captain John Alden returns to Salem and find his old town under the hysterical Witch Hunt. The man ignores that the processes have been triggered by the same witches guided precisely by his old love, Mary Walcott, now married to George Sibley, his old enemy as well as illustrious citizen of Salem.

1692 (Season One)

This date marks the beginning of the Grand Rite by the faction of witches, led by the ambitious Mary Sibley and an escalation of deaths, thirteen in all, that get wet with blood the land marking the completion of the evil plan of witches. During the thirteen full moons, ending with the Hunter's Moon and the ultimate sacrifice of the Witch Hunter and Reverend Increase Mather, the Witch' Poxhat will sicken anyone who is not on the side of the witches is finally widespread.

October 17th, 1692 (Season Two)

Cotton Mather is in Boston, to answer for the terrible situation of hysteria in Salem.The second season begins around this date.

The end of the year 1692 marks the death and resurrection of Mercy Lewis, as well as the permantent death of George Sibley and Samuel Wainwright's initiation as a witch, as well as the beginning of his journey in Hell, like Dante Alighieri. The days in the latest episodes can be depicted as the beginning of 1693, as they seem more spring days rather than winter ones. This period took place the marriage between Anne Hale and Cotton Mather, celebrated by the latter in a clearing in the woods.

Within a few weeks, with the advent of the Starry Messenger Comet, the Grand Rite is completed entirely with the rise of the Devil.


  • In Salem Village, in February 1692, Betty Parris, age 9, and her cousin Abigail Williams, age 11, the daughter and niece, respectively, of Reverend Samuel Parris, began to manifest the symptoms of a supernatural attack, beginning the hysterical witch hunt.

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