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"All Fall Down" is the thirteenth and final episode of the first season of Salem, and the thirteenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on July 13th, 2014 on WGN America.


Mary must choose between fleeing Salem with John or completing the Grand Rite, and Tituba reveals a long kept secret that could sway her decision. Meanwhile, Increase closes in on the witches, and the Hales prepare to go into hiding.

Episode Overview


After their kiss, John opens his eyes and he and Mary are in the forest. She reveals herself a witch. They discuss their future, reuniting their coins. Mary states she needs to finish business in Salem or something terrible will happen. She asks until nightfall.

Mercy finds Mary on the way to Salem. They discuss betrayal. Mercy threatens vengeance.

Isaac visits Cotton at his home. His father is having it purged. They discuss the future.

John Hale returns home, planning to escape via a spell.

Mary meets with the witch council. She refuses to proceed. They call upon Tituba.

The Mathers meet at the empty cell of John. Increase has set a scent trap, and sends the hunters out with their hounds.

The Hales are in their shelter from the plague that is to strike Salem. Anne begins to remember things from her childhood.

Tituba visits Mary as she is packing and taunting Mr. Sibley. Tituba reveals a trinket with a lock of hair Mary's child, threatening she complete the Grand Rite.

Mary gives Isaac the Malum, a letter for Cotton, and a fortune to leave Salem and start a new life, never to return. The moon has risen.

Mary projects into Increase's home. Isaac gives Cotton the letter.

Mary and Increase face off in his home. John is caught by the hunters.

Cotton arrives at Increase's home. Mary has projected herself into the torture chair. Cotton is fooled and slays his father. He frees Mary. Mary convinces Cotton to flee.

The Grand Rite begins. The Hale's discuss what is to come. Anne wishes to leave and struggles with her father. Her power manifest. Her parents are slain.

John is being hung. The savages come to save him. In the struggle, he is shot.

Tituba finds Mary with Increase's body in the woods.

Mercy has used her increased powers during the blood moon to raise the misfit children from the crag. She tells them she will be the queen of the night.

Mary meets the council and is reunited with her child.



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John Alden: "You are one of them?"
Mary Sibley: "Yes."
Increase Mather: "This is our last opportunity to avert the Great Death that they intend."
Magistrate Hale: "Tonight, there will be a plague released."
Mary Sibley: "I'm leaving Salem and I'm never coming back."
Increase Mather: "The witch will die."
Mary Sibley: "It will end here."





Behind the Scenes


  • The title of the episode is a reference to a folk song of the late 18th – early 20th century, titled "Ring a Ring o' Roses." All Fall Down makes the pair with the twelfth episode of the first season, Ashes, Ashes. These words are part of a verse of the lyrics.

International Titles

  • French: Le Grand Rite (The Grand Rite)
  • German: Roter Tod (Red Death)
  • Italian: Il Cielo Rosso (The Red Sky)

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