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You see, there can only be one narrative of the witch panic in Salem. And I must control that story.
— Anne to Tituba[src]

Anne Hale is the daughter of Magistrate Hale and Countess Von Marburg, though she believed herself to be the daughter of Mrs. Hale. She takes care of the children in the orphanage after the death of her close friend Bridget Bishop and later discovers she is a witch of the oldest order. She is also the wife of Cotton Mather and sister to Baron Sebastian Von Marburg.

Anne Hale is a major character in Salem portrayed by British actress Tamzin Merchant.

Character Description

"A fearless girl, Anne Hale is beautiful, talented artist with a perilous attraction to the newly arrived john Alden. A ass vision that makes the ladies envious and men fall in love; Anne is always testing boundaries — so much of that it deeply concerns the Puritans. Since she is the daughter of the powerful Magistrate Hale, people expect her to behave in a certain way. However, Anne is a rebel who doesn't like to play by the town's old rules."[2]

"Anne struggles with her love for Cotton and her new powers. She continues to imprison Cotton using Brown Jenkins but desperately wants to trust him. The Devil Boy demands that Sebastian and Anne learn to work together to achieve his vision or he’ll take away Cotton."[3]

Early Life

Anne as a child with her mother & father.

Anne is the daughter of Magistrate Hale and the Countess Marburg, who sent her to Salem, Massachusetts with her father as a young child to escape the witch persecution in Europe, her father later married Mrs. Hale and as a child, she was raised never knowing the truth of her true mother. Growing up her father would take her to a hidden room in their home where she learned about music and art something that was not tolerated among the Puritans hoping that his daughter would not start out in life like them. She was also aware of her powers as she used to make her toy move telekinetically but her father made her forget until she was ready to remember. [4] At some time she formed a close friendship with Bridget Bishop, the local midwife.


Strong willed, somewhat stubborn, good-hearted young woman, Anne believed in what she deemed right. Although she had a strong rebellious side, Anne was very caring and empathetic, and she took care of the children in the orphanage. She always tried to do the right thing, even going against the rules of the Puritan community to defend her principles.

Anne's personality underwent a gradual and extreme change following the discovery of her powers and heritage as a Cradle Witch, undertaking a real "dark journey." Once the Dark Lord visited her, it was as if he had left a black spot in Anne's soul and she had, since then, tried to remove the stain by creating a void inside her.

Anne's actions were easily summed by “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” Her naive sense of justice, fueled by a temper lead more often than not to argue with her father, Magistrate Hale over matters of politics and the role that women had within Puritan society. She was often taking for granted the benefits coming from her wealthy background when compared to other citizens, as evidenced by her little understanding of the abuses suffered by Mercy Lewis and Emily Hopkins at the hands of their respective fathers. Anne's curiosity and urge to do good manifested in both her help to the orphanage and in her artistic skills encouraged by her father since a young age.

After discovering her powers and in particular, after she paid the Devil for the gifts she inherited, Anne started a descent into darkness. Left without a proper guide and with misleading advices amidst a literal witch war, Anne relied on her own sense of justice by vowing to “harm none” before succumbing to corruptive powers—in order to secure a place in society, she cast a love spell that enslaved Reverend Cotton Mather to her will to the point of stealing Gloriana's child from her womb and subsequently wiping her memory to cover it up before lying about it to Cotton so as to make him believe that the baby is hers, not Gloriana's.

Initially, she tried to justify her actions as if they were done for a greater good or for those she loved (especially protecting Cotton), but eventually dropped the excuses and fully embraced her dark side, possibly forever losing the goodness in her heart. For example, she handled John Sibley to her birth mother, Countess Von Marburg to sacrifice him and offer his body as a vessel for the Dark Lord. After succumbing to her own darkness, Anne became seductive, ambitious, manipulative, cunning, ruthless and seemed to care only about gaining power, even at the cost of others.

Possibly her worst misdeed was opening the Hell Gate despite Mary's pleading her against it. Evidenced by this amoral act, Anne proved that she was no longer hiding behind her previous excuse of doing bad things for the sake of the greater good. Instead, she was fully embracing her evil nature and was unapologetic about it, stating that she wanted to “turn the world into a desert” like her heart. Despite her wickedness, Anne showed an unexpected sense of kindness toward both Mary Sibley and John Alden, allowing them to leave Salem for good due to her former infatuation for the captain.

Physical Appearance

Anne is a beautiful young woman with shoulder length red hair, brown eyes and a pale complexion. She has a slim physique and wears the typical Puritan black gowns. She often wears a necklace given to her by her father which protects her from witches and their spells.

During a visit carried out by Cotton Mather to search for the Mark of the Devil, Anne Hale took demonic features like blood red eyes and a forked tongue, like that of reptiles. It may be a hallmark of the born witches. She also bears the mark of a witch, a third nipple which is on her stomach used to feed her familiar.

Throughout The Salem Series


Anne's first appearance.

Anne made her first appearance in The Vow when she is being chastised by her mother for dawdling as she wants to find her a seat in the front row, so that Cotton Mather may see her. Anne does not seem particularly pleased with the idea or her mother's attempt at match-making and sarcastically comments about her mother auctioning her off to the highest bidder. The pair stumbles into Mary Sibley before they closely follow behind her. Anne observes with the rest of Salem as John Alden makes his debut although the pair does not interact it is obvious that she intrigued by him.

Anne at the dinner party.

The next evening Anne accompanies her parents to Mary Sibley's dinner party where her mother tries to divert Cotton's attention by inquiring about a tutor for her, particularly a Harvard man, implying himself. But Anne who has become quickly enamored with the Captain states "I believe there is only so much you can learn from books. Experience is our true teacher." Inquiring about the Captain's time with the Indians believing them to be mysterious and natural despite her mother's dismay. Anne's attraction to John does not go unnoticed by those present particularly Mary who later creates an illusion of Anne caressing John provocatively under the table.

Mary steals a lock of Anne's hair.

The next morning Anne and John meet once again in the cemetery as he is leaving Salem. John comments on her drawing and she flirtatiously asks to draw him one day. But the Captain tells her he doesn't have the time or patience as he is leaving Salem, Anne jokingly asks if he is afraid of witches or for being taken for one before bidding him farewell. Unbeknownst to her, she is being watched by Mary Sibley before the older woman soon startles her. Mary comments on her bravery for sketching in a graveyard. And tells her how most of the woman buried there; died in childbirth, warning her "love is to a woman what war is to a man" and ominously offers to teach her about "love, life, death and many things in between" while secretly stealing a lock of her hair. Anne sarcastically thanks her for sharing her wisdom before saying goodbye.

Anne and Bridget.

In The Stone Child Anne is with Bridget Bishop watching the woman as she attends to a young unwed girl named Hannah as she gives birth. While sketching the scene before her Mary Sibley arrives and tells the girl until she names the baby's father she will have no assistance and Anne is obviously appalled at her lack of compassion for the girl. Mary asks her what she is doing there, to whom Anne answered that her friend Bridget was teaching her about "The wonders of gods own creation" after the girl finally gives into Mary's demands Anne joyously watches as the girl gives birth to her child. Later that day Anne is with Bridget as they play vigilant over Mercy Lewis and pray for her but Mary arrives and Bridget tries to rally the women to do something about the cruelty done to the girl but Anne sits quietly with the rest of the women.

Anne watches as Bridget is hanged.

After Bridget is arrested for witchcraft Anne tries to plead to her father of her friends innocence but he tells her that it doesn't matter what he thinks and ushers her inside but as the trial begins Anne watches Cotton question Bridget and accuses her of using witchcraft to cause the malformed birth of Kitty's baby and is distraught at seeing the treatment of her friend. She tries to defend her but after John tries to intervene which leads to all those present at the birth be placed before Mercy to ascertain who is the witch she is horrified to watch as Mercy reacts to the midwife's presence by vomiting blood and nails. Out on the commons, a tearful Anne witnesses as she is hung and in her grief attacks Cotton and is comforted by John Alden as her father watches from afar. Later Anne questions John at the tavern in why he is in Salem and done nothing to stop the persecution after the Puritans have killed both of their friends convincing the captain in staying in Salem.

In In Vain

In Survivors

In Lies

In The Red Rose and the Briar

In Our Own Private America

In Departures

In Children Be Afraid

In The House Of Pain

In Cat And Mouse

In Ashes Ashes

In All Fall Down


Anne tries to commit suicide.

In Cry Havoc, Anne first appears following the death of her parents clearly guilt-ridden for her part in their demise and decides to end her life. Climbing into the bathtub she takes a blade and cuts her wrists expecting death but her wounds heal by themselves but she is interrupted by Mary who reveals a part of her wants to live. Anne is shocked at her presence and quickly climbs out of the tub covering herself. Mary tells her that it is time she accepted what she is but Anne still not wanting to be a witch announces that she may have inherited unnatural traits but that does not make her a witch. Mary tells her she was like herself once when she became a witch and how the power she has can be frightening and seductive revealing she was the one that nearly killed her with the doll. Anne loses control of her powers and telekinetically hurls the blade at Mary who promises her she can teach her to control her powers and use her husband's name to protect her till she can find a suitable husband. She asks what they will tell people about her parents and Mary tells her to get dressed and come to the church. Afterward, at church, Anne sits in the crowd as Mary informs the people of Salem that her parents have died of the pox covering their murder.

Anne visits Cotton in Boston.

In Blood Kiss, Anne is among the residents who witness the confrontation between Mary Sibley and Wendell Hawthorne at Church. Later, Mr. Hawthorne visits Anne and ungraciously invites himself into her home despite her initial protest. Inside she makes tea for her guest while he gives his condolences for the loss of both her parents but it is obvious that he has an ulterior motive for his unwanted arrival. He asks of Anne of the Hale family who informs him that her father was the only one of her lineage to survive the passage across the seas. Mr. Hawthorne reminds Anne she must make a wise choice in choosing a husband who will control the fortune her father has bequeathed to her upon his death, heavily implying himself before he kisses her hand. Anne who is clearly perturbed not only by his presence but by his suggestion begins to lose control of her powers as the teacup on the table begins to vibrate and the selectman suffers a nose bleed but suddenly leaves bidding her a good day.

The Countess & Anne in an alternate world.

Later, Anne tries to leave Salem by hiring a carriage but is told by the town guardsman she must acquire a travel permit from Mary Sibley before she is stopped by Tituba who tries to gain her trust and encourage her to learn from Mary despite her distaste for their part in what has become of Salem. Returning home, her fathers Mask begins to move on its own rocking on the table, Anne puts on the masks and it transports her to Boston having sensed her desire to leave Salem and she finds herself outside of the Mather home, leaving Cotton clearly shocked at her arrival who ushers her inside out of the rain. Anne informs him of the death of her parents and the Witch Pox that now plague Salem and tries to convince him to return to Salem but the pair is interrupted by the arrival of Countess Von Marburg who unbeknownst to him is a Witch. She brings a basket of food under the guise of caring for a man who is without a mother or wife to care for him and after touching Anne's hand she telepathically tries to question Anne in the form of an alternate reality where they both appear in a mystical forest and asks about the witches of Salem and who leads them, but Anne knows nothing of the Hive revealing she herself did not know she was one until recently. The Countess affectionately calls her "Little Owl" before promising her they will meet again and speak of their encounter to no one before kissing her drawing blood. Later that night, Cotton escorts her to his father's bedroom and promises her they will return to Salem in the morning.

In From Within, following Anne's visit to Boston, she and Cotton hire a carriage the next day. During the ride the pair bond, while Cotton reveals how happy he was to see her again, Anne questions whether there is no redemption for a witch and must a witch be put to death but is relieved when Cotton assures her that there is always hope. Later, that evening on the border of Salem they are stopped by two guardsmen. The pair is attacked by them, who are angry at the reverend for fleeing Salem but unbeknownst to Cotton who is brawling with one them Anne is attacked and telekinetically hurls him away who dies falling upon a broken tree and the pair quickly flee into Salem.

Anne is summoned by Mary.

In Book of Shadows After the death of the guardsman Mary summons Anne to her home. Anne does not seem pleased to be summoned like that of a servant and Mary question's her involvement in the man's death. Anne tells her that it was an accident and tries to flee the room when she tells her that there are those in the hive that want her to be disposed of as she is a threat but Mary keeps her locked in the room with her and informs her she has other plans, to teach her the craft but will cut her candle short if necessary. She asks how she begins and Mary tells her that there is no magic without arousal and continues to loosen her corset and turns her around, Mary tells her to imagine a man and continues to pleasure her by caressing her, Anne envisions an sexual encounter with Cotton before Mary abruptly stops and tells her to follow her.

Mary gives Anne her book of shadow's.

Mary takes her to her library and gives her, her first book of shadows revealing that she knew her father had died because his own book appeared to her after his death, as a witches book of shadows will always find its way to the Samhain of the hive so that they can preserve their knowledge and history for the next generation. She informs her she must sign her book of shadows in blood to keep what it contains away from prying eyes and then her familiar will come to her. She pricks her fingers to show her and she leaves not knowing that Mary has taken a drop of her blood and has put it in her mouth. Anne returns home and signs her book with her own blood and writes an entry that she will master the power within her and use them for the common good when a small brown field mouse appears. Anne seems enchanted by her familiar and decides to name him Mr. Brown Jenkins.

Anne cast water charm.

Later that evening, Mary takes Anne to Knockers Hole to complete her training and asks her to cast a water charm to warn her of a foe's presence as she had earlier been attacked in her own home but she must go down the well to cast the charm. Anne who is terrified of closed spaces refuses but Mary using her powers forces her towards the well telling her she can make her. Anne clearly defeated allows Mary to lower her down the well and seems disturbed when she opens the leather pouch and finds a ginger kitten inside and must sacrifice the animal before performing the spell. Anne drowns the animal, before placing the glass pendant under the water and says the incantation when a hideous hag attacks her before Mary pulls her out of the well. Back home, Anne writes in her book of shadows about her ordeal and writes that she is unsure whether to be scared of Mary Sibley or the Countess Marburg.

Anne with her familiar.

In The Wine Dark Sea As Anne sits with her familiar in the morning she is disturbed by a knock at the front door and in a state of undress is greeted by Magistrate Hawthorne. He tells her there are rumors of witchcraft after her drive with Cotton Mather from Boston as one of the militia was brutally killed but the witness who was the other militiaman is a known drunk and a thief is not a credible witness. She insists that the drive was entirely innocent and she had nothing to do with the man's death but the Magistrate reminds her of what happened to her friend Bridget Bishop and if she was his wife he could protect her from such a fate, clearly perturbed by another one of his prostitution bids him farewell and thanks him for his offer but due to her fragile mind since the death of her parents she is not thinking clearly but Hawthorne reminds her that as the wife of the Magistrate no one would dare accuse her of being a witch.

Anne visits Mary.

Later that morning, Anne visits Mary and is told to wait in the drawing room where she meets Little John and is perturbed by his comments as he states that her hair is like the colour gold and she smells of cinnamon but wonders what she will smell like when she is burning before Mary enters and ushers the boy away. She tells Mary of Hawthorne's threat and asks for her help but she advises the girl to marry him as all a woman has is her beauty and without a husband, she has no power, that if she could survive Mr. Sibley's molestation she can survive his. Anne not happy with her advice tell's her she would rather marry a pox-ridden drunkard from Knockers Hole than Hawthorne. Mary tells her there is another way if she can get Cotton Mather to marry her as he is from two of the most powerful and richest families in Massachusetts but he will never ask her as he is married to his books, bottle and is in love with a woman he can never have but Anne who seems pleased at the idea of being Cotton's wife believes she may be able to convince him. Mary tells her to give him the opportunity if she must but as a witch she doesn't have to wait for a man and offers to give her the spell that will make him love her but only if she tells her everything she knows about the Countess Marburg despite fearing the Countess she needs the spell so she tells her what she wants to know.

Anne cast her love spell.

Later, she visits Cotton and informs him that Hawthorne has asked her to marry him and is considering it. Cotton seems surprised and asks if loves him but she tells him what does love have anything to do with marriage in their world and shocks the reverend when she kisses him stealing a lock of his hair and deliberately drops her ribbon on the floor before he bids her farewell stating he has no advice for her as she comes at a time where he is most busy. Later that evening, Anne is at home where she battles with her conscious but begins to cast her spell nevertheless, using the lock of hair she stole and the ribbon she left behind, she ponders what to offer up that she loves as she believes she has nothing before she looks upon her familiar Mr. Brown Jenkins and squeezes him to death and utters the incantation and is later seen burying the animal in the woods.

Anne witnesses Cotton defending her honour.

In Ill Met by Moonlight After Anne has cast the love spell she is alerted to a disturbance outside and watches as Cotton and Hawthorne brawl in the street as Cotton is defending her honor after Hawthorne made crude remarks about her virginity. Enthralled by what she is seeing she is shocked when she see's Cotton take a knife and it seems as if he may kill the Magistrate but Anne whispers "You're not a killer" and the Reverend stops clearly under her influence and watches as the pair are arrested and taken away. The next day, she is writing an entry in her book of shadows and admits it was thrilling to watch as Cotton filled with a lions strength and courage defend her honor when My Brown Jenkins appears in her room shocking Anne as she had previously squeezed the life out of him to cast her love spell.

Cotton confesses his love for Anne.

That night, Cotton pays a visit to Anne to return her ribbon but admits that it is only an excuse to come and see her. He is acting in an inebriated manner and Anne asks if he has been indulging in spirits again but poetically he tells her that he is drunk on her beauty and up until now he had no words for what he felt for her but now he knows what it is, love. The pair kisses passionately but Cotton pulls away not wanting things to go too far and bids Anne goodnight.

Cotton asks to escort Anne to dinner.

In The Beckoning Fair One Alone in her bedroom following Cotton's heartfelt admission Anne is surprisingly deponent, unsure if Cotton feelings are real or only because of the spell, and is shocked when Mr Brown Jenkins crawls under her bed covers and begins to suckle from a nipple on her stomach, clearly perturbed by this she throws the animal away from her but is further alarmed when the Countess Marburg appears in her room and chastises her stating he merely wanted to feed by his mistress' witch nipple and she should wear her witches mark with pride, showing her how to feed him. The Countess tells Anne how disappointed she was that she broke her promise but there was a way to make it up to her by stealing her father's book of shadows tonight at the dinner party as she is the only one that can find it but warns her what will happen should she fail her. Later that day, Anne is deciding what to wear when she speaks of her desire to have Cotton come to escort her with a bouquet in hand and is shocked when he arrives with flower's, Anne asks if he planned this but the Reverend reveals he only just thought about it and stole the flowers from a neighbors garden, showing Anne has much influence over him.

Anne shocked at Cotton's proposal.

During the dinner party, Cotton publicly asks Anne to marry him, overwhelmed by his proposal Anne excuses herself from the table and takes the opportunity to search Mary's library for her father's book of shadows but when the search seems futile one of the books starts to move involuntarily and she discovers that the book is the one she has been searching for but hearing footsteps approaching throws the book out of a nearby window and pretends she came to the library to escape the dinner party when Tituba enters but is scolded and told to leave and return to dinner.

Anne accepts Cotton's proposal.

After the party, Anne goes outside to retrieve the book but is interrupted by Cotton who ask's if she accepts his proposal and she says yes. The pair embraces and kisses passionately but when he comes close to discovering her witches mark pushes him away stating it is not the time, especially not the place. Overjoyed at her acceptance to become his wife he bids her a good night and Anne gathers her father's Book of Shadows.

In Dead Birds

In Wages of Sin

In Til Death Do Us Part

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Powers and Abilities

Anne is a cradle witch, born from a witch bloodline, though she was unaware of her heritage until the events of Cat And Mouse. As stated by Tituba, Anne's bloodline is one of the oldest and highest among the witches. Her true mother is also the legendary ancient witch currently known as Countess Ingrid von Marburg, one of the last survivors of the true witches, making Anne a product of massive power. This is further proven when she demonstrates unusual physical attributes, such as blood-red eyes and a forked snake tongue in moments of fear or pleasure.

Anne and the Devil

While Anne's abilities remained suppressed for most of her life due to her father's memory spell, once activated, her abilities proved devastating and far greater than those of any other witch in the Essex Hive, including the leader of the Grand Rite and very powerful witch - Mary Sibley. The extent of her power is great enough that Tituba, a skilled and knowledgeable witch urged Mary to eliminate Anne, considering her a threat and claiming that her power would grow faster than even Mary's did. These suspicions came true eventually, when Anne's devastating power surfaced, though she quickly gained control over it, growing into a powerful witch in a short amount of time.

Anne's first notable magical feat was the murder of both her parents, after her father finally convinced her into believing in her witchcraft. In anger, her magic finally activated, causing her mother's head to combust and slamming her father into a wall, demonstrating a great strength in telekinesis. She would later on quickly learn how to control her telekinetic abilities, possibly from her father's Book of Shadows, as she was seen floating several objects simultaneously and sending a full grown man flying into the air. She also quickly learned how to use her telekinesis to achieve the effect of Puppetry with fluent movements, further demonstrating her talent and great magical heritage.

Anne practicing Witchcraft

Her most impressive abilities include her biokinetic skills, which she learned to control towards the completion of the Grand Rite. She was first seen using these abilities when she attempted to kill herself, only for her blood to be drawn back into the sliced wrist, which healed itself. According to Mary Sibley, this act was fueled solely by Anne's actual desire to survive. She, later on, learned how to control, create and destroy life by practicing on a flower seed while following her father's instructions. It was also seen that her emotions had a colossal effect on the surrounding environment, as she managed to invoke rain several times simply by crying. This level of weather control was only previously done by the Countess, an ancient and powerful witch, thus it is possible that only cradle witches have such an effect on the weather. It is implied by Mary that after being raped by the Devil as a way of signing the deal, Anne is even more powerful.

Anne's Familiar

Upon inscribing her book of shadows, she was immediately gifted with a familiar demon, in the shape of a rat that grew exponentially throughout the series, possibly reflecting Anne's own growth in witchcraft and character. She would eventually learn to use her familiar in the same manner as Mary Sibley, in order to gain control over an individual, in Anne's case, with her own husband Cotton Mather. Anne is also capable of mild teleportation, which she can achieve by triggering it only with a mask that belonged to her father. It is unknown if she is capable of teleportation without the mask. She also demonstrated an aptitude for spells, casting a complex water charm on her first attempt. She later casts an effective love spell on Cotton, binding his will to hers and allowing her to manipulate him into marrying her.

During Season 3, Anne's powers developed exponentially, allowing her to perform high-level feats of witchcraft through simple actions and gestures. She was fully capable of controlling any person under the possession of her familiar, allowing her to place limits on her victim in terms of what they are able to do, as seen with Cotton. By this point, her mastery of skills she could previously not control, such as the movement of objects was perfected as seen when she easily subdued John Alden after he came looking for Cotton. Her use of this ability also allowed her to place her victims into a physical paralysis of sorts, which is an advanced form of puppetry, as seen when she paralyzed Glorianna with a simple wave of her hand.

Following Cotton's escape from Salem after exorcising Anne's familiar, she magically located him by sending various astral projections to the forest where she surrounded him, with each of her projections trying to manipulate him by acting on different emotions. During this ritual, she simply entered a trance and did not seem paralyzed or completely unaware as many witches usually are while performing astral projection.

Anne steals Glorianna's unborn child

Soon after finding Gloriana, Anne performed her first truly dark spell and through the use of an old elaborate ritual, she stole Gloriana's unborn child from her womb. Following this, Anne's Specter, a charred, blackened hag appeared, reflecting the corruption of Anne's own soul due to the dark forces of witchcraft. Another significant spell that Anne performed easily was her memory stripping spell when she completely deleted all traces of Glorianna's past life and memory from the latter's mind, simply by ripping it out through the eye socket of the victim, without any ritualistic requirements. During this process, Gloriana herself saw Anne in the form of her specter.

Following her use of magic against Gloriana, Anne's personality darkened even more, as she no longer tried to justify her actions and was at this point truly corrupted by witchcraft. Following Cotton's discovery of Gloriana's presence in Salem as well as his realization of what Anne did to her, he attacked her, only for Anne to very nearly killing him by rendering him completely powerless under her abilities.

Anne's powers however truly flowered in the series finale, when she no longer justified any of her actions and instead completely subdued herself to her master - the Devil. She demonstrated an advanced form of bilocation - possibly the strongest demonstration of any form of astral projection in the show - when she entered a trance at the Sibley House while sending realistic projections of herself all over Salem, all done through a simple blood sacrifice. She easily killed both Hathorne and Mercy, with the latter being a powerful Essex witch by telekinetically choking both of them to death. During her conversation with Isaac, she was able to stop the movements of dozens of people of Knocker's Hole as if though the entire place was frozen in time, all while in an astral projection. She was also able to subdue Tituba, a formidable witch and seer, though it remains unclear if Tituba's fate was a vision or a realistic situation caused by Anne.

Following her elimination of all known Essex witches in Salem, Anne slaughtered her own mother after killing the Devil, only to promise to bring him back herself, revealing her true ambitions: to become the Dark Lord's bride herself. As such, Anne is the most powerful witch in Salem, possibly equaling her own mother, one of the first witches, in terms of raw magical power.


Main article: Anne and John
You're just like them! Happy to discuss and debate, but too afraid to take any real action. Why are you even in Salem? Where's that fire I saw in your eyes the night they killed your friend?
— Anne to John in The Stone Child

John & Anne.

Anne and John first meet at the dinner party hosted by Mary Sibley, where Anne shows to be clearly attracted to him. As time progresses they soon develop a friendship of a sort and later share a passionate kiss (only due to John being under Mary's dream spell) (Our Own Private America). John often comes to Anne's rescue saving her from thieves in the orphanage following the death of Bridget Bishop (In Vain) and when she is lost in the woods (The House Of Pain). Anne later watches helplessly when John is arrested by the selectmen for witchcraft. She is later coerced by Increase Mather into admitting during John's trial that he forcefully kissed her further damning him (Ashes Ashes).

Main article: Anne and John Hale
I know what you're doing, and I hate you for it.
— Anne to her Father in In Vain

Anne with her Father.

John had loved his daughter very much but was a man of many secrets. When the witch trials began it brought much conflict between him and Anne particularly when Anne's friend Bridget Bishop was hanged for being a witch (The Stone Child). He later revealed to Anne that like him she was a witch (Cat and Mouse), and after the Grand Rite had began locked himself, Anne and her mother in a hidden room in their house so that they were safe from the plague, A distraught Anne lost control of her powers when she discovered what lay in store for the people of Salem killing her Father and Mother telekinetically (All Fall Down).

Main article: Anne and Cotton
Your only failure is not becoming your father. And that is no failure.
— Anne to Cotton in Cat And Mouse

Cotton and Anne

Anne and Cotton relationship first began as being antagonistic towards each other due to Cotton having her friend Bridget Bishop hanged for being a witch. Originally Anne's parents had hoped to arrange a match between the pair much to Anne's dismay particularly as she had developed feelings for John Alden. After Cotton's lover Gloriana was banished from Salem, Anne began to see a different side to Cotton feeling more compassionate towards him but he mistook her empathy to mean something more leading him to kiss her much to Anne's surprise (Cat And Mouse). When Anne feared she was a witch, she turned to him for help requesting that he examine her for the devil's mark (Ashes Ashes) but found nothing to suspect that she was actually a witch. After the death of her parent's Anne sought the aid of Cotton and persuaded him into returning to Salem and shows to have developed an affection for him. When Hathorne tries to convince her to marry him Anne clearly having a preference for Cotton casts a love spell on him so that he will marry her and spare her from becoming Hathorne's wife and the pair marry privately but when Cotton discovers that Anne is a witch, Anne has her familiar Mr. Brown Jenkin's incubated inside of him causing him to be incapacitated and in the same state the late George Sibley was leaving her in complete control of him.

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I already killed one mother. Who's to say I won't kill another one?
— Anne to her mother
Countess Von Marburg has a high regard for her daughter, so much she has talked profusely with Sebastian, triggering the jealousy of the latter towards his half-sister. Although Countess Von Marburg has great plans for Anne, her narcissism and blind love for the Dark Lord are unmatched. It is precisely because of this that the Countess found death by her daughter's hand.

Main article: Sebastian and Anne
Anne and Sebastian are uterine siblings and the powerful offspring of one of the most infamous witches who ever trod foot on Earth. Though Anne only discovered about her origin and legacy in her early adulthood, Sebastian had always been fully aware of her sister, coming almost to hate her and be jealous, as she was the favorite of their mother, and considered the true heiress of their bloodline. They have slowly developed a love-hate relationship, touching a fleeting incestuous relationship before Sebastian's premature departure and Anne's rise to great power.


Memorable Quotes

Anne: "Living in Salem and not believing in witches is like living in London and not believing in fog."
Cat And Mouse
Anne: "Just because I may bear certain unasked for traits. Doesn't make me a witch! Any more than owing a knife makes one a butcher."
Cry Havoc
Anne: "They say that the most treacherous wolves may appear in a Lamb's cloak."
The Wine Dark Sea
Anne: "I will tell you a secret, little Brown Jenkins. I do not think I like being a witch."
The Wine Dark Sea
Anne (to Mary Sibley): "Do not give in to despair. That is what you would tell me. We are not Puritans. Not anymore. We do not believe in this idiotic predestination. We make our own destiny."
Midnight Never Come
Anne: "A kind woman once told me the problem with knowing things is that you can never unknow them."
The Witching Hour
Anne (to John Alden): "Did I choose to slaughter innocents? Choose to start a plague? Raise the Devil himself? No. Mary Sibley chose to do those things. Me? I had no choice. Didn't even realize I was born a witch, but Mary Sibley chose to become a witch. Why? Because you chose to leave Salem and left her no other course. So perhaps this is all your fault."
After the Fall
Anne Hale (to Tituba): "You see, there can only be one narrative of the witch panic in Salem. And I must control that story."
— in Black Sunday
Anne Hale (to Tituba): "That's the thing about being a Seer, is you can't change what you see. It's tragic, really. Because you are right. The world to come will be founded on the blood, sweat, and bones of people like you."
Black Sunday
The Dark Lord (after Anne stabbed him): "Why after all you've done to secure my victory? "
Anne Hale: "Power. I've discovered mine. But don't worry. I'll bring you back. But I will be your immortal bride, not Mary. I already carry the child you will make your new home. And mine was an immaculate conception, as it should be."
The Dark Lord: "Yes. I can taste your destiny. How did I not see it? You are indeed the one. You will bring me back. And who knows, maybe this time, with you, I shall have a happy childhood."
Black Sunday
Anne Hale (to Salem congregation): "You all know me. As you knew my father and know my husband. And I know what they would say if they were here. These terrible pains we feel are but the birth pangs of our brave new world. I shall know something about birth pangs myself before too long. And I shall endure them. By knowing that every contraction of agony bring me one step closer to seeing my Hope appear before my eyes. Just as each of our terrible trials brings us one step closer to our new Salem. And I tell you now with total certainty we will not only survive all, we will prosper and grow until Salem is the richest city in this nation, with an influence that spans the globe. But I am not just here to remind us of the glories to come. But to warn you all of what I now know to be the awful truth. We have been ruled by witches all along. And not, as we thought, from the outside, but in the very worst way from within. Witches ruled Salem from the very top. Names like Sibley and Marburg turned out to be masks for the most notorious witches. Witches who very nearly succeeded in turning Salem into Hell on earth and handing our entire new country over to the Devil himself. But I promise you, I promise you now, we will do whatever is necessary to cleanse our town of every last of Satan's whores and make sure that Salem is never again ruled by witches."
Black Sunday


  • Anne is a feminine given name of Hebrew, French and English origin. It means favored or grace.
  • Hale is a given surname. The possible origins of this name are either from the Old English language meaning nook, hollow or recess or from the Old Saxon language meaning hero with later connotations of strong, courageous, healthy, robust, etc.



  • It seems that she does not have a counterpart in real life historical Salem Witch Trials.
  • She is the second cradle witch introduced in the show. The first being John Hale, her father.
  • As told by herself in the episode "Book of Shadows," she suffers from claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces) since she was a child. Nevertheless, Mary Sibley forced her to descend into a well.
  • At San Diego Comic Con 2016, Brannon Braga has called Anne the living example of the phrase "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions", which is often referenced in Christian communities to this very day. Her beginnings as a sweet girl who wanted to do good and her downward spiral into dark magic and corruption perfectly illustrate this.
  • Tamzin Merchant is one of the few main cast member who never attended the San Diego Comic-Con to promote Salem.
  • The character's description on the Official Instagram for the promotion of the third season reads as follows: "Anne Hale: the pure witch tainted by dark powers."


  1. Though Mary Sibley was the official Samhain of the Essex Hive, her death, and consequent "Reckoning" after her resurrection left vacancy within the coven. Being the last witch left in Salem, Anne Hale is the de facto Samhain of Salem. Furthermore, Anne Hale rightly earned the title by killing Mercy Lewis, the one who actually killed Rose Browning.
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