We are a father's children and we can no more control who they be and how they come to form us than we can the rise and setting of the sun.

The relationship between the fearless Anne Hale and the tortured Cotton Mather

Early History[edit | edit source]

Not much is known of their past history but it's presumed they first met before the narrated events, when Cotton came to Salem on Mary Sibley's behest to oversee the witch trials (The Vow).

Throughout the Salem serie[edit | edit source]

Season One[edit | edit source]

Their relationship potentially started when Mrs. Hale sort a match between her daughter and the reverend Mather much to her daughters objection. Later, it became more antagonistic; due to Cotton being the reason why Anne's friend, Bridget Bishop was charged and hanged for witchcraft (The Stone Child). Anne began to see a different side to Cotton during his grief over the loss of his lover, Gloriana Embry causing her to believe she may have judged him wrongly (Children Be Afraid). Anne fact is reflected in the terrible father-child situation afflicting the Mathers, because she is not on good terms with her father too.

Season Two[edit | edit source]

Magically transported to the streets of Boston (Blood Kiss), Anne finds herself a short walk from Mather House. The young reverend is surprised to see his old friend and invites her to come in immediately. At home, when put comfortable, the girl begins to tell the terrible events of plague and hysteria that are upsetting Salem, upsetting Cotton. After a brief visit by the Countess Marburg, which has a bad impression on Anne, Cotton invites Anne to spend the night in his house giving her the room of Increase Mather, where he never comes, preferring to sleep in his old bedroom when he was a child. From this moment, agreeing that they have already spent together too many, the two decide to call with their respective names. Before going to sleep, Anne gently caress his cheek begging him to return to Salem, to which Cotton tenderly replies that he will return with her.

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Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

Cotton: Are you afraid of them? Afraid that they might murder me? I don't care. At least then you would be free. She would have nothing to hold over you.
Anne: What if I don't want to?
Cotton: Don't want to?
Anne: You have no idea what it is like, Cotton, to be filled with ideas, with dreams, with visions of how things should be, and yet be utterly powerless to do anything about them. That is what it is to be a woman.
Cotton: I don't understand.
Anne: Of course you don't. You are a man. But I am no mere woman. I am a witch, and I can make a difference.
--in The Witching Hour
Cotton: But, uh, didn't you hear what I said? I love you.
Anne: If only you had loved me when I really needed you to, I might not have had to pledge myself. I might not have had to quicken your love with my first spell.
Cotton: A spell? That is what you did to me.You have robbed us both with your witchery. Forfeited the one and only human freedom, to love To have truly chosen to love! And for nothing. Because I did love you.I have loved you since almost the first we met. I just needed a little time.
Anne: I didn't have time! You don't understand. You will someday. I had no choice not then and not now.
--in The Witching Hour

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Anne and Cotton are described by Brannon Braga as a couple in an unpleasant hellish marriage, whose romance is paved with good intentions as the road to Hell. Their love will be sorely tested during the third season.

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