No more lies. I simply want the truth of who and what you are.

The conflictual family relationship between the cradle witches John Hale and his only daughter Anne Hale.

Season One

John Hale loved his daughter very much but was a man of many secrets. When the Salem Witch Trials began it brought much conflict between him and Anne particularly when Anne's friend Bridget Bishop was hanged for being a witch. (The Stone Chid)

He later revealed to Anne that he was a descendant of a line of witches native to Europe and brutally murdered during the Witch Hunt, and that even she was a witch. (Cat and Mouse)

After the last stage of the Grand Rite started, John Hale locked himself, Anne and his wife in a hidden room in their house so that they were safe from the plague that would have fallen on the town once deposed the Malum into the soil. A distraught Anne lost control of her powers when she discovered what was going to happen to the people of Salem, killing her father and mother in a fit of rage. (All Fall Down)


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  • They are the first cradle witch family to be introduced on the show. The second is the one formed by Countess Von Marburg and her son, Baron Sebastian Von Marburg. Both are related to Anne Hale, as she is the illegitimate daughter of John Hale and Countess Von Marburg.

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