Remember what you are, Anne, a witch.

The relationship between the Salem Witches Anne Hale and Mary Sibley is a complicated to friendly relationship.

Early History

Little is known about how the two women have met. We may suuppose that Mary Sibley has known Anne after her marriage with George Sibley, since the Hale family was habitual frequenter of the House of the Seven Gables. Anne apparently has always had a dislike to Mrs. Sibley.

Throughout the Salem serie


Memorable Dialogues

Mary: Oh, I didn't mean to frighten you.
Anne: : Oh, I'm not frightened. Just surprised.
Mary: Yes, of course a girl brave enough to sketch in a graveyard.
Anne: I'm not afraid of the dead, nor the living for that matter.
Mary: That's because you know nothing of death and less of life. I could teach you about life And death And many things in between. Do you know what killed nearly every woman buried here? Love. Most died in childbirth. So, love is to a woman what war is to a man the most deadly thing they'll do. Only a fool runs quickly to war or love. You'd best watch yourself.
Anne:Thank you Mrs.Sibley. I can only aspire to your happy wisdom.
---In The Vow
Mary: You and I may have different methods, but the life you dream of is the very one I'm fighting for.
Anne: But at what price? You, all of you, even my father, sold your souls to the devil himself.
Mary: Neither the world, the flesh, nor the devil himself is like a puritan suit in only black and white. All is gray. And the devil they fear is not the devil I know.
--- in Cry Havoc
Mary: Child, I could kill you a hundred ways. I will not lie, others have urged me to do just that. And I am fully prepared to cut your candle short.
Anne: What do you want?
Mary: Merely to help you be you. I know you find it hard to believe, but I hold no malice against you.
Anne: And yet you would kill me a hundred ways.
Mary: As I would a savage untrained dog. But first, I might try to train it. And if that dog would accept the muzzle, then I might find that it no longer posed a threat to every innocent that passed by, may even become a... trusted companion.
--- in Book of Shadows




Salem- 201 "Cry Havoc" - Mary and Anne

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