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Well, you know where to find me, and I you.
Tituba to Anne

The relationship between the Salem witches Tituba and Anne Hale.

Early History

Little is known of their past together, but Tituba seems somehow involved with John Hale's misdeeds then it is possible that the two know each other for a long time.

Throughout the Salem series

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Anne Hale: "Did she send you to stop me?"
Tituba: "She? Oh, no. Our mistress has no idea that I'm here."
Anne Hale: "She may be your mistress, but none of mine."
Tituba: "That would be a mistake, miss Hale. You really must learn the virtue of patience."
Anne Hale: "You speak to me of virtue? I detest everything she and you stand for, everything you're doing. Turning this town into a pit of death, seizing powers never intended. I want nothing from her or you."
Tituba: "In truth, I share your discomfort at some of her actions. But for the time being, stay still and learn from her."
Anne Hale: "I cannot bear it! I must get out of this place!"
Tituba: "But where would you go?"
Anne Hale: "Away. Anywhere but here."
Tituba: "Well, you know where to find me, and I you."
Blood Kiss


  • Tituba referred to the Hale family as one of the oldest and most powerful bloodlines of witches.



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