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Witches! Kill them, kill them all!
Mary Sibley to her Militia

"Blood Kiss" is the second episode of Season Two of Salem, and the fifteenth episode of the series over all. It premiered on April 12th, 2015 on WGN America.


In the wake of Mercy’s brutal act of violence, Mary works to rally the citizenry of Salem against her rebellious, wayward former protégé, and to put an end to the willful Witch’s uprising. Despite the unwanted distraction, Mary moves forward in her bid to complete her Hive's dark task with the promise that her eventual success will result in a permanent reunion with her son. As Dr. Wainwright looks for clues to cure the growing plague, his methods create concern for the Selectmen. While his only hope seems to be the discovery of the pox-ravaged Isaac, who, beyond all expectations, clings to life, the possibility of his success creates additional concern for Mary and Tituba. Meanwhile, John Alden prepares for an epic confrontation still to come, and has a telling encounter with an unexpected ally; Mary’s son begins to show another, unsettling side of his nature; and Anne Hale - ripe with her new and as-of-yet uncontrollable powers - embarks on an unforeseen journey... but discovers more than she bargained for.

Episode Overview


Two hours after the hanging of the Elders, Mary Sibley has gathered her militia to follow her into the woods to punish Mercy Lewis and her ghostly coven in the naked corpse dump of Salem where they have been staying at. While there, Mary orders the men to catch the whole area on fire while anyone living or dead are claiming it. This allows Mercy's coven to stand up from the ground and watch the flames engulf them and each other. Mercy awakes and looks on at Mary in horror as her coven burns to a crisp and screams while she herself burns up in flames. Mary proclaims: "You wanted war, now you will taste war." Mary then walks away as the cries of Mercy and her coven fade into the night sky.

Mary stands in front of the Salem congregation and discusses the incident the night before and how tears fall for the death of Mercy and her coven in the woods. Mr. Hathorne looks on and seems bewildered in confusion as she speaks.

Mary's Son little "John" is tending to George Sibley while playing. He begins to be tempted to stab George in the eye until Tituba comes in and asks what he is doing to which he replies that he was strictly playing.

John Alden returns to Salem to find any witch that is not in hiding and stumbles upon Petrus, and demands to know how many witches there are in Salem, in which in return, he says the number does not matter. In anger, John slits open his throat and continue on his journey back into Salem.

While still dealing with her parents death and the fact that she is a witch, Anne Hale uses her fathers mask and travels to Boston and runs into Cotton Mather and pleads for him to return to Salem urgently to help out with the pox that has broken out in the village. He agrees and later plays host to the company of Countess Marburg who looks on at Anne in wonder. Telepathically she transports Anne into the middle of the woods naked and while in a bathtub. Marburg comes into the woods and surrounds a naked Anne, and tells her that she is the last of the German line of witches and that she must be taught how to embrace her supernaturally gifted side. She also tells Anne, that her father did not tell her all about her lineage, and that Anne must master dream walking in order to reconnect with him for her to get a complete truth. She solids her conversation in a "Blood Kiss" and teleports them back into the lounging room in Cotton's study.

A hand from the dump shoots out of the earth and turns into a fist, once Mary places a spell on the area.

Sebastian Marburg meets with his mother sometime later on their ship and asks what the young girl (Anne) tasted of. His mother said of Honeysuckle and Innocence and Sebastian proceeds to give his mother a gift in which is a young girl tied up in the closet. The girl is seemingly familiar to be a survivor of Mercy's coven, and his mother becomes joyful and tells him that he is a good and loving son.

Back in Salem, Mary begins soaking the ground with the blood of the deceased and Tituba arrives and tells her that she has done well and that her reward will be an intimate reward with her son that could be many more to come as her job progresses. She then goes to her son who is taking a bath and begins to wash him. She kisses him on the cheek and he proceeds to actually kiss her in return like John has done several times. She looks in shock and then leaves the room sometime later. Into the same night, Mary looks on in John's old home and notices someone with a lantern walking around. She hurries over to the homestead and discovers Samuel Wainwright in the house looking around. He asks her what she is doing, and Mary says that she thought the old caretaker of the house had returned. With this, he notices that Mary has had some in-depth emotional pain in the past with a gentleman he does not connect John too, and slightly tries to seduce her. Mary tells him that it would be best to be reminded that her personal business is not of any importance to him.

Later, a revived, alive, and burnt Mercy Lewis stumbles throughout Salem and notices her father Reverend Lewis at his study. She comes in abruptly scaring him as he looks at her in horror and says to him: "Father, your baby girl has come home."


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Behind the Scenes


  • The title of this episode refers to the moment where Countess Von Marburg kissed Anne Hale, stealing information and memories from her lips and leaving traces of blood on Anne's lips.

International Titles

  • French: Baiser de sang (Blood Kiss)
  • German: Blut Kuss (Blood Kiss)
  • Italian: Bacio di Sangue (Blood kiss)

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