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Taking away your shame and giving you back your glory. Do you not think that this flesh has seen a lifetime of wounds and scars and the ravages of time? And yet, behold. It retains its youth. And so, too, will yours. Whatever torments have marred your flesh, marred even your soul, will be washed away.
— Countess Von Marburg to Mercy Lewis

Blooming is the ability to induce a supernatural healing, be it through bloodshed or sheer force of will, depending on the severity of injuries that need to be healed. A person who is blooming has a healthy, energetic, and attractive appearance.


Among the wonderful gifts of the repertoire of every witch, healing plays a secondary role, but equally important. Because witches are naturally inclined to do harm rather than heal, healing spells are generally implemented for selfish purposes. The magical act is harnessed through the shed of blood, which has the power to heal terrible wounds, as long as bloodshed are routinely implemented as damaged skin must be constantly cleaned with the vital liquid, so that at the cellular level can replenish itself, since human skin seems easily prone to deterioration and return to the previous damaged state. Trivial scratches or shallow cuts can also be cured by sheer force of will.

Mercy complacent observes the results of her blooming

The sprinkling of blood also seems to have a role in prolonging the supernatural ability to bring up the witch to the best of her aesthetic potential in terms of youth and beauty. In fact the spell that allows the Countess to live an almost eternal life is different than blooming, since the Widdershins are very old and clearly show the signs of aging on their body. It therefore follows that the blood heals wounds but has an aesthetic value and does not prolong alone the life expectations. Longevity seems to be a gift acquired by witches through the practice of sorcery and affiliation with the Devil, that seems to change their physiology making them more resistant than the average human.

Notable Users

Anne quickly healing subconsciously

Anne Hale has used this power following a post-traumatic stress. After killing her parents, Anne Hale attempted suicide by cutting her wrists but her inner magic prevented her from dying of bleeding, healing the wounds within seconds. Mary Sibley has told her that her body woulnd't allow her to commit suicide. Always during a stressful time, Anne Hale caused a slight aneurysm in Magistrate Hathorne, by causing him nosebleed.

the decaying visage of the Countess

Countess Von Marburg is the most note user of regeneration induced by magical means. As much as her whole body is torn by terrible decay and rotting flash, by means of long baths in warm human blood this wicked witch is able to keep forever a healthy and youthful appearance.

Mercy Lewis started to bloom following the horrific burns reported as a result of being burned alive in the crags. The blood spilled on her skin has taken away the layer of skin horribly burned, leaving room for a smooth and radiant complexion.

Sebastian Von Marburg is believed to be beneficiary of this bloody technique, from information released in his official description that describes him of at least two hundred years old, but still youthful and handsome

Memorable Quotes

Countess Von Marburg (to Anne Hale): I'm the swallower of souls. She who flowers from her own wounds.
-- Blood Kiss
Countess Von Marburg: Is she not lovely now, our Mercy?
Sebastian Von Marburg: She's a rare bloom.
Countess Von Marburg: A belladonna, a flowering nightshade... And must be, for Mercy will now bring the children to me so that we may go on blooming.
--The Beckoning Fair One



  • This power is one of the most powerful that witches are able to practice.
  • Blooming not only gives back to the skin its glory, but also allows the regrowth of hair and erase signs of aging, old scars and various skin imperfections.
  • On several occasions this power has been compared to flowering by Countess Von Marburg, as the wounded and ruined body flourishes again to new life just like a flower in springtime.
  • Both Anne Hale and Countess Von Marburg have been shown to be able to also produce a sort of counter-blooming. Anne Hale caused nosebleeds in Magistrate Hathorne, while the Countess has reversed the magical effect of Mercy Lewis, condemning her to return to her burned appearance within very short time.

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