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This article is about the Salem character Bridget Bishop you may be looking for the Historical figure Bridget Bishop.
Bridget Bishop
Bridget Bishop still Image
Biographical Information

Salem, Massachusetts





Cause of Death


Killed By

Cotton Mather

Character Information
Portrayed By

Antonia Prebble



First Appearance

The Stone Child

Last Appearance

The Stone Child

This so-called Witch Panic is yet another attempt by the Puritans to control us.
Bridget Bishop in The Stone Child

Bridget Bishop was a minor character in Salem. She was the local midwife and was close friends with Anne Hale. She was accused of witchcraft and hanged by Cotton Mather.

Early Life

Nothing is known of her earlier history other than that she was a renowned midwife, known for her herbal remedies and skills in helping women with their pregnancies and childbirth. Where and when she learned her skills is unknown.


Kind and willing to help her neighbors, she is one of the first victims of the witch hunt. She doesn't believe in witchcraft nor in the legitimacy of the witch hunt that she considers mere hysteria. She is also shown to be quite outspoken when she speaks against what had been done to Mercy Lewis.

Physical Appearance

A woman in her thirties with brown hair, a sweet face and a slender build.

Throughout The Salem Series

The Stone Child 409

Bridget is hung.

In The Stone Child Bridget is hampered by Mary Sibley in helping a girl to give birth, because she became pregnant out of wedlock and the city cannot afford another orphan. She later speaks with Mary at church horrified at what has been done to Mercy Lewis believing the girl to simply being mentally ill and needing help but Mary warns her to keep quite unless she herself wishes to be accused of witchcraft. Later that night her services are required for a young prostitute earlier cursed by Mary Sibley, so the gives birth to a deformed child and the citizen accuse Bridget Bishop of Witchcraft.

During the process held by Cotton Mather, the evidence of her guilt is made even more damning when Mercy Lewis vomits blood and nails on her, undoubtedly indicating her as evil witch and despite her pleas of innocence, she is brutally hanged in the public square under Cotton Mather's order.


Anne Hale refers to her as her friend, though it is unknown when their friendship began. Anne had assisted Bridget when helping women in labor and at the orphanage and later took over looking after the children following her death.




  • This character is based on the real Bridget Bishop, who was the first person executed for witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials in 1692, sometimes mistaken with another woman accused of witchcraft, Sarah Bishop.

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