What an adorable little brown thing you are.
Come here. Oh, don't eat me.
Mr. Jenkins, I will call you. Brown Jenkins.

Mr. Brown Jenkins is Anne Hale's familiar with the appearance of a brown rat. He was a resourceful aid for the young witch's spells.


Brown Jenkins is a rat with brown fur and a nice face, who came to serve its mistress as she signed with blood the first page of her Book of Shadows. It apparently grows in size each time Anne makes a spell that requires the blood of the little demon. Not only he grows in size, but its appearance changed as well, starting with the eyes, which turned from average black to a much more sinister bright-red.

Throughout the Salem series

Season Two

When Anne signed her name in blood on the first page of her Book of Shadows, the little demon appeared on the desk, moving curiously among books and pens. Anne found him to be nice enough to give him a name.

As the young witch moved her first steps into witchcraft, Brown Jenkins was at her side and with squeals and gestures of his paws drawn Anne's attention. For example, when it offered itself to be bled to death in order to bind Cotton Mather's heart to the ginger witch or when Anne used its blood in order to open John Hale's Book of Shadows, but without result.

Brown Jenkins reached its full potential when Anne forcibly inserted it into the body of Cotton Mather so that she had full control over him.

Season Three

Brown Jenkins continued to serve its mistress by restraining Cotton Mather with a supernatural paralysis. The diabolical rat dwelt inside the Reverend's body and came out to be fed by Anne, causing excruciating pain to Cotton every time he clawed out his throat.

After Cotton failed Anne's test to see of he was worthy of her trust, Brown Jenkins was implemented in a further hex, becoming a prison within Cotton's body.

Brown Jenkins was eventually expelled with a painful and poisonous ritual used by Cotton Mather to free himself from its grasp. The Reverend concocted a potion used to drown the familiar and vomited it in an outhouse before repeatedly smashing it on the ground.

Nevertheless, Brown Jenkins found its way home to Anne during Mary Sibley's Reckoning, thus alerting its mistress that Cotton freed himself from the binding spell.

Brown Jenkins remained faithful to Anne even after she betrayed the Dark Lord and crowned herself the "Queen of the Night" , resting on Anne's belly as she planned her upcoming reign of terror sitting on her throne at the House of the Seven Gables.

Powers and Abilities

Like all familiars, as long as it is fed through the witch's nipple (or Devil's mark) Brown Jenkins is able to operate remarkable examples of witchcraft. His blood is essential to the success of rituals when the witch is unaware of other animals for sacrifice. Perhaps the most interesting power of this creature is that of the regenerative type; despite being brutally killed or dismembered, the rat comes back alive and well ready for the next feeding and the next crime.



  • Mr. Brown Jenkins was named as a real animal during the Salem Witch Trials. "Brown" was certainly not described as a cute little mouse — a rat with a human face.
    • A rat-shape familiar named Brown Jenkin also made an appearance in "Dreams in the Witch House", written by H.P. Lovecraft in 1932 and in other works and movies inspired by Lovecraft's universe.
  • Brown Jenkins is the only familiar in the course of the series to have a name.
    • He is also the most recurrent familiar of the show.
    • He's the only familiar seeing eating normal food.
    • He's the only familiar who assumed demonic traits, such as red eyes and changed his appearances in his own, enlarging himself any time Anne's power grew or sacrificed him.
  • As revealed by Seth Gabel (Cotton Mather) at SDCC 2016, Brown Jenkins prop is constituted by a series of three pieces with different measures and parts. A first prop is constituted for two-thirds by a reproduction of the back of a rat while the front part (the "head") is a just a rubber plug; the second prop is made only by the legs and tail also with a rubber plug in the front; the third prop is only a plug with a tail. All this serves to give the impression of swallowing the rat with precise camera games.

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