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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.

Clairvoyance is the ability of seeng things and events through space and time by magical means.


Also referred as Witch's Eye, this ability allows a witch to look at distant events, spying on the actions of others by breaking the barriers of physical distance. Clairvoyance is also used to perceive and see things through time, making it a complete and valid form of direct and personal Divination. When witches use this power, their eyes usually turn white.

Notable Examples[]

  • From a conversation between Mary and Tituba, we learn that the latter has used this power to find out if John Alden was dead or alive while away from Salem with the militia.
  • John Hale was sent by his mistress at Petrus's shack to discover the identity of the man who spied (and stopped) the Witches' Sabbath. Adhering to this fact, we learn that some witches are more adept than others in this art, gaining titles as "The Seer".
  • Mary went to Petrus herself to find out if John Alden was dead or not. The Seer in this case removed his eyes to allow his mistress to divine herself. We can assume that this power is contained in the eyes. Reason why the Seer's eyes act as a fetish could be this connection between the organs and the power.
  • Mary's son John was able to see Mercy's acolytes killing the Elders from his mother's house.



  • Petrus was a witch so skilled in this discipline that he was given the title of "the Seer" of the hive.
  • The ability to foresee events is known as prescience, premonition or foreboding.
  • Indian magic is able to stop this power, as shown in Cry Havoc.
  • It is very likely that this ability can be acquired, or at least enhanced, by eating the eyes of a witch particularly inclined to prophecy since Tituba ate Petrus' eyeballs.
  • Second-sight abilities were defined in the series with the name of Witch Eye by different characters.