Cotton and Gloriana
Cotton and Gloriana Kiss
General Information
Intimacy Level

sexual pleasure derived from meetings at the brothel resulted in genuine loving feeling


Former lovers due to Gloriana being banished from Salem, Cotton still loves her

First Met

Before The Vow

Portrayed By

Seth Gabel and Azure Parsons

Gloriana: If they can hang a woman like Miss Bishop, what does that mean for someone like me?
Cotton: Nothing is going to happen to you.
— in In Vain
The relationship between Reverend Cotton Mather and local prostitute Gloriana Embry.

Throughout The Salem Series


Memorable Quotes

Cotton Mather: "Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! For the devil has come down unto you with great wrath because he knoweth that he hath but a short time." Revelations 12:12.
Gloriana: I see the end of the world urges you onto greater efforts.
Cotton Mather: Mm, as it must us all.
Gloriana: Our granny used to scare us silly with those witch stories. But she'd really terrify my brothers. She told them witches could steal a man's
Cotton Mather: Aah! Would you like that, Gloriana, without the bother of the man attached?
Gloriana: Not this man.
--in The Vow
Gloriana: Have you lost your lust for life? Don't tell me that you are full up.
Cotton Mather: Perhaps some holes cannot be filled.
Gloriana: Really, my lord? Which holes are those?
Cotton Mather: The ones we dig for ourselves.
Gloriana: What weighs so heavy on you, love?
Cotton Mather: By the taste of it, my father's boot.
Gloriana: You're a big boy now. Grown men don't fear their fathers.
Cotton Mather: You don't know my father.
Gloriana: Everyone knows your father.
Cotton Mather: Precisely.
-- in The Stone Child
Cotton: You're crying.
Gloriana: I'm not.
Cotton: You are. What's wrong?
Gloriana: If they can hang a woman like Miss Bishop, what does that mean for someone like me?
Cotton: Nothing is going to happen to you.
Gloriana: How can you be so sure? Just yesterday, it was me that they put before the Lewis girl. Would you have come forward had I been accused?
Cotton: I follow every protocol.I adhere to every letter of what my father taught me. No one is convicted without incontrovertible evidence.
Gloriana: So you're certain Miss Bishop was a witch?
Cotton: I am certain of the evidence.
Gloriana: Why do you do it? Is it that you believe that you're doing good? Or is it that you wish to please your father?
-- in In Vain


Gloriana: Cotton, that was the bravest thing I've ever seen, like a man sticking his head inside a lion's jaw. I would gladly reward you for your bravery.
Cotton: I would gladly accept it, but now is not the time. I cannot deny my feelings, they are real, but I do not want any longer to be your customer. Do you understand?
Gloriana: I think so. Will I see you again?
'Cotton': Yes, but you must leave me now, 'til I sort things out. When I do, everything will be different. I promise.

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