True hearts will always be reunited, one simply has to wait, even for centuries.
— Countess about her true love

The blasphemous and passionate relationship between Lucifer, the Fallen Angel, and Countess Von Marburg, one of the first witches that ever existed.

Early History

Legends say Countess Palatine Ingrid Von Marburg was already alive when Lucifer fell, and she was one of the first to call him Lord, to kiss his infernal lips, to make herself his bride, and that still she dreams of the return of her lover and works ceaselessly to that end. There is nothing she would not do, no one she would not kill - men, women, children, even witches — to bring the Devil back.
— Increase Mather about their relationship

When Lucifer was a creature of the Lord, the woman known today as Countess Von Marburg was one of his first disciples and his mistress. As one of the first witches, she learned the most arcane secrets of witchcraft. However, when Lucifer was thrown into Hell, she lost all contact with her beloved and since then searches for a way to get him back to her.

Throughout the Salem series

Countess Von Marburg is eager to discover the identity of the witch that led to the fulfillment of the dreaded Grand Rite, because it means being one step away from kissing again the infernal lips of her beloved; to do that, she sneaks one of her spies in the Puritan council, in charge of interrogating Cotton Mather (Cry Havoc). However, when she discovers that behind all there are the Essex witches, which she considered scum, the Countess begins to manipulate the hive with the aim to make her the one who will complete the Ritum Magni (III Met by Moonlight).

During a dinner at the House of the Seven Gables, the Countess sees in John a little glimpse of her Dark Lord, concluding that the child is the vessel chosen for the incarnation. Obsessed with being closer to the reunification with her beloved, she makes sure that one of her subordinate witches kidnap the child and prepares the latter to be ready for the final sacrifice (Wages of Sin)

The Night of the Comet came and John was drowned in the infernal pitch to receive in his own body the evil essence of the Devil. Countess Von Marburg is the only witch delighted by their success and welcomes with open arms the Dark Lord that embraces her with a sly smile (Midnight Never Come).

The Devil mortally stabs the Countess

The Devil has finally incarnate and rests peacefully in bed while Countess Von Marburg observes him filled with love and reverence. However, when the Devil is well understood of being willing to make Mary Sibley his own spouse, the Countess was consumed with jealousy and attentive to the life of her rival, since it is clear that her beloved is no longer remotely interested in her.

This reckless gesture leads straight to her premature death; Lucifer, in fact, discovered the plan hatched by the Countess to kill Mary and stabbed her brutally and repeatedly, killing her current body and leaving her in a pool of blood, sending back the spirit of the ancient witch in the mummified body preserved in the sarcophagus (The Witching Hour).


Memorable Quotes

The Devil: "A true God wants true love. Now, who will give me that?"
Countess Von Marburg: "I will. I do. My whole long life, I have loved no one else."
The Devil: "That is very good of you, madam. But it is her love I must have."
The Witching Hour
Countess Von Marburg: "What shall we do first? How shall we conquer and rule?"
The Devil: "I truly love all you do for me. But you know, I really must have my mother beside me. Today my mother, but tomorrow my queen. She, and she alone, must one day be my bride. There can be only one royal marriage One true consummation. You know it, and you must make it be. You understand?"
Countess Von Marburg: "Yes."
The Devil: "Then go."
The Witching Hour


  • Sebastian, the first son of the Countess, was conceived with the sole purpose of being a host for the Devil, but the plan failed.
  • Reunited after millennia, he killed her, preferring the love of another woman.

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