Is it a terrible disappointment, Mother,
that I still live?
— Sebastian

The relationship between one of the most powerful witches in history Countess Von Marburg and her son Sebastian Von Marburg.

The relationship between the two is presented as codependent and incestuous relationship that will deteriorate over the course of the second season.

Early History

In an unspecified time, but probably centuries before the events narrated since Sebastian was presented as 250-year-old, the Countess gave birth to a son in order to use him as a vessel in the final step of the Grand Rite and consecrate him as host of the Devil, her lost love. The ritual, however, was hampered and interrupted before being completed. Sebastian survived and became a staunch ally of his mother in her dark journey.

Throughout the Salem serie

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Memorable Dialogues

Countess: We must tread carefully. We are no more welcome amongst the gutter hives than we are amongst the puritans. And if we were to be recognized prematurely, it might be an awkward and bloody thing.
Sebastian: You never mind the blood, mother.
Countess: No. But like a good carpenter, I prefer to measure twice and cut once. So let us take the measure of this Mary Sibley before we go to Salem.
Sebastian: As always, your beauty is exceeded only by your prudent wisdom.
-- in Blood Kiss
Countess : Oh, what a thoughtful son! Now, what did I do to deserve you?
Sebastian: Only everything, Mama. Only everything.
-- in Blood Kiss
Sebastian: Is it a terrible disappointment, Mother? That I still live. That you never got to consecrate me as you will her son, never got to hold my young body beneath the hell-blood to see your ancient lover's form emerge from my dead face.
Countess : I do not deny it. But all's well that ends well. So leave me so I may be sure it will end well.
Sebastian: Will it end well for me? It is hard, Mother, to be born to rule and yet know I will never be king.
Countess : We all play our part in the great drama. True, despite my fondest hopes, you were not born to be a king. But console yourself, Son. You will be a knight of the dark realm and satisfy yourself in every way.
-- On Earth as in Hell
Sebastian: All I want is Mary.
Countess : Do not fixate. It shows a damnable lack of imagination. I told you, you may have anything or anyone whenever you wish.
Sebastian: And what if I want only one thing?
Countess: Trust me, Sebastian. There is not only one of anything. Not only one sun in the Sky, but an infinity of suns in the Sky. Not only one Earth, but an infinity of Earths wandering lost in the night. There is certainly not only one god, but many beings of power, if you but know their names. And there is never, not ever, only one man or woman for us.
Sebastian: And if, after all your wisdom, all I want is Mary? What then?
Countess : Then you should grow up.
-- in On Earth as in Hell



  • Sebastian was born with the sole purpose of being sacrificed.
  • Despite the fact of being a mother and son, the two are more like a pair of lovers on the way they share affection and jealousy for each other.
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