Dinley's barber and surgeon medical service, located in Knocker's Hole and managed by Thomas Dinley.

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A shop consisting of a large room that serves as a barber shop and the operating room for a variety of medical service, ranging from stitching up wounds to surgical operations, to be used as a mortuary and analysing cadavers, especially those whose death is not natural. Shelves and racks are burdened by the weight of strange equipment, alembics and jars containing ingredients of dubious origin, and even more unknown purposes.

Throughout the Salem series[edit | edit source]

Determined to discover the causes of death of Nick Land, Isaac Walton took the corpse at Dinley's, where the surgeon examined the severely mangled body of the old lay-about. Magistrate Hathorne also visited the shop, when he found himself disfigured by Canker blossom. (The Heart Is A Devil)

Thomas Dinley dealt several times healing and mending Captain John Alden's wounds, using stitches with abundance. (Wednesday's Child) While Alden found relief for his wounds, Mr. Putnam was brutally murdered at the hands of the barber since his policy clashed against the plans of the Dark Lord. (The Commonwealth of Hell)

The temporary defeat of the Dark Lord didn't stop the continuation of the plan to cause the End of the World, and The Sentinel commissioned Thomas Dinley to guard The Instrument within the walls of his barber-shop.(Friday's Knights) Such a mission was discovered by John Alden that, in vain, tried to counter the flow of time that would have led to the explosion of the Red Mercury contained within the Instrument.(Saturday Mourning)

This attempt was also slowed by a battle between Sebastian Von Marburg and John Alden that took place right inside the barber-shop, causing no little destruction of furniture and the untimely death of the German Baron. The intervention of Cotton Mather, finally ended the ticking of damnation, preventing the Instrument exploded causing the total destruction of the shop. (Black Sunday)

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  • On Louisiana Film & Video Magazine #16, designer J. Zachary revealed that Thomas Dinley will have his own barber shop, a creepy shop where other than trimming beards he provides other services with his razor. [1]
  • This shop is one of the sets recycled from previous seasons, as stated by J. Zachary in the aforementioned interview. Part of the props came from Salem Hospital set and by Marilyn Manson's personal collection.

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