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Dollie Trask is a recurring character on Salem. She is the daughter of the late Mrs Trask. She was later forced into hiding after Increase Mather captured and tortured her friends trying to locate Mercy.

She is portrayed by American actress Sammi Hanratty.

Early Life

Not much is known about her early life but it is presumed she was born in Salem, Massachusetts.


Dollie is a clever and mischievous girl. it is she who makes open the eyes of Mercy on her real potential, saying that no woman has ever had such power in Salem. As a member of Mercy Lewis's coven of outcast, Dollie does not consider herself part of the Puritan community and we see this repulsion for Puritan traditions when she refuses to marry the son of the Barkers, going against the wishes of her mother. Dollie considers Mercy as her best friend, but when the latter comes back to life terribly disfigured, Dollie has second thoughts that lead to her death. In the relationship with Isaac, and from the man's words, we notice a more romantic and sweet side of the girl.

Physical Appearance

Dollie is a pretty young girl in her teens with light brown hair, blue eyes and a pale complexion. She wears the typical black Puritan gowns.

Throughout The Salem Series

Season One

In Lies, she visits Mercy with her friends Emily and Charlotte at Lewis' house and suggests to Mercy that she is the most powerful woman in Salem, as she can just point a finger to condemn to death her fellow citizens, a power that not even Mary Sibley wields. Later the girls go to the square with Mercy chained spreading terror among the inhabitants.

In Our Own Private America Dollie is visiting Mercy at Mary's home with her friends and practice divination. Later she was a guest at the home of her betrothed, but Mercy makes a curse that makes macabre visions and the girl runs away in terror. The next day Dollie's mother scolds her in front of Mercy, so the young witch decides to kill the mother of her friend.

In Children Be Afraid, Dollie participates with other acolytes to the spell of the Master Spider implemented by Mercy to subjugate George Sibley and get into trouble Tituba.

In Ashes Ashes, is the only one of the acolytes not to be captured by Increase Mather and in fact acts as a messenger for Mercy between the city and the woods, putting it at the current development of the situation. When her friends are hanged, she heads to her mistress Mercy in tears.

Season Two

In Cry Havoc, like a siren, Dollie seduces a drunk man on the streets of Salem to follow her in the cemetery with the promise of sex. Behind a tree, the girl begins to kiss him until her sister witches appear from the shadows with Mercy, who castrates the man and makes him her familiar inserting in the hollow just created a crow alive.


Mercy Lewis

I remember differently. You were too good for me, always, until you saw my dark gift the power to send people to death with just the point of my finger. And you took Isaac. You betrayed me.
— Mercy accuses Dollie of having betrayed her.

Isaac Walton

She had angel eyes. Couldn't see my scars Just my soul And loved it. Angel eyes. Risked her life to save mine.
— Isaac mourns his Dollie.




  • As part of Mercy Lewis's coven of outcasts, Dollie has practiced some witchcraft rituals even if she was never actually initiated into witchcraft as happened, for example, with Mercy by Mary Sibley.

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