It is not a house you invade but a man!
— Tituba

Dream Walking is the ability to invade someone else's dream in order to acquire informations from unconscious minds.


Dream Walking is a term used to describe the power of penetrating, probing and manipulating someone else's mind, especially during sleep when the mind of the victim is at rest and then the defensive barriers are lowered. Do this involves consideration of several factors. Invade the mind of a stranger, for example, it is more difficult than that of an acquaintance. The side effect of this option is to remain trapped in the oneiric realm, unable to tell dreams from reality. When a reckless witch, for one reason or another, remains trapped in a dream world, her body begins to be in the grip of violent convulsions and, if not awakened in time, may even die. When displaying this ability, the witch's eyes turn white.

Advanced and Similar forms

As with any skill in the repertoire of a witch, perseverance and experience allow the sorceress to master the ability to invade a human mind, in order to have more power over their victim and, therefore, also be able to change dream and decide precisely the course of the situation. A clear example of this is given by the ancient witch Countess Von Marburg, able to perform Dream Walking even while her victims are awake, having had centuries to refine this technique. Since the powers at the mercy of Marburg witches are similar but different from those held by Essex Hive[1], even their application is slightly different and complex. The German witch has proven to be able to penetrate the mind of her victims projecting them in a dreamy place of her choice, where holds in check and torment her victims. This ability has been described by the Countess as meddling "within the soul", giving to understand that this advanced form is even more invasive because the witch showed no apparent fear of being entrapped in dreams, since her victims are totally under her domain. The Countess has also shown to be able to penetrate the mind of her victims during the day.

Side Effects and Manipulation via Other Means

In addition to being trapped within dreamworld, another side effect is to uncover secrets in the mind of the invaded person that could leave the witch stunned, because it's unknown what people around us may conceal in their most intimate and profound self. A form of dream manipulation that does not involve Dream Walking was achieved by means of a crafted doll to the detriment of Anne Hale, having as one of the many side effects vivid dreams drawn from the most hidden desires, in the case of Anne erotic dreams involving both Cotton Mather and John Alden at the same time. A variant of this dream later twisted against Mary Sibley, who saw Anne Hale seducing John Alden in a dream while the same Mary was visiting the man's dreams. Whether it is a result of Mary Sibley's fears or John he was actually dreaming Anne is not known. Another mental manipulation is that obtained by means of puppetry, although this practice rely mainly in controlling the movements of others and influence them.

Deadly Walk

I will enter his mind and destroy it from within. His body will live on, but his mind will be gone.
— Mary Sibley about her plan to silence her husband

Mary Sibley has demonstrated the ability to probe and penetrate the mind of the intended victim ensured by means of "dream walking" to the point of being able to kill the target while dreaming and let him or her in a comatose state. Although the intervention of Increase Mather has prevented the implementation of the crime and the attempt made by Mercy Lewis was not enough to destroy the mind of Mr. Sibley, only to sew his mouth with the aid of a familiar, the possibility that this can be done is not to be discard. According to the words of Mary Sibley mental destruction of the victim it is what is obtained in full control over someone through diabolical means. If this comatose state is obtained by use of familiar is yet to be revealed, but the words of Mary suggest that the coma is induced by a sort of fracture of the mental faculties of the victim.

Known Rituals and Incantations

For an Experience of Dream Walking

When a witch is desirous of knowing the unknowable, she must set aside her fears and perform the most dangerous of enchantments, one that would grant her passage into another's soul, where none but the deepest and darkest secrets of a man may be concealed. The most advantageous time to attempt this charm is at night, as sleeping minds are less resistant to the penetrations of the external. If she be assisted by a sister witch with the careful application of the mystical unguent on her forehead, her lips and the bridge of the nose, being accompanied by the spell, shall send her to her astral destination. Be warned, if frequently done, both witch and victim may lose all discernment between reality and imagination.

  • Incantation : "Go now, catch a falling star. Get with child a mandrake root. Travel back where past years are. Through the cloven Devil's hoof. What you seek is in his heart. Know his thoughts through angel's art. As torches ever ready be, Through daylight's gate, Step one, two, three."

Notable Examples

  • Mary Sibley asked Tituba for help to invade John Alden's mind, seeking information to locate the hiding place of the Malum. Rekindled love never completely dormant with fond caresses and kisses, Mary let herself be carried away by the situation ending prey to convulsions until Tituba was able to awaken under the gaze of a horrified Mercy Lewis. Later Mary has used the same ritual with the intention to kill George Sibley in a dream, appearing to her husband in one of the few pleasant memories of their wedding, a picnic on the lake followed by a navigation on the same with a little boat. Protective amulets used by Increase Mather, however, have thwarted the attempt.
  • Countess Von Marburg attracted both Anne Hale and John Alden in her trap during her desperate quest to complete the Grand Rite. Visiting Cotton Mather in Boston, she has projected her consciousness into that of Anne Hale, forcing the young witch to get completely naked for her, literally and figuratively, revealing valuable information by sharing a blood kiss. Later, Countess Von Marburg successfully attracted John Alden's consciousness by leveraging his concerns and his sexual appetites, trying to seduce him with the intention to rob him too of precious information with a blood kiss. However, the man's strong will, probably enhanced by shamanic forces bestowed upon him earlier, have made John able to resist more strongly to this dreamy attack, driving out the Countess from his daydream.

Memorable Quotes

Mary Sibley: "I've a mind to search his mind."
Tituba: "Dream walking? No. There has to be another way."
Mary Sibley: "We're running out of time, Tituba. Without the Malum and all it contains, our Grand Rite is not possible. Trust me. Once inside, I'll find the Malum, and then I'll get out."
Tituba:"Inside? It is not a house you invade but a man! And not just any man. Are you sure it is the Malum you seek and not just access to him?"
Mary Sibley: " Whatever my personal feelings are for John, I am only seeking the Malum."
Tituba: "Do you have any idea what crawling around inside his dreams could do to you and to him? It could leave either or both of you shattered, unable to tell dreams from reality. You could be lost, trapped! There are other ways to find the Malum. I cannot lie. I am afraid."
Mary Sibley: " Good. Be afraid. Watch over me. But this is my choice."
Our Own Private America


  • This is one of the very few powers actually named in the show. Others are Necromancy, Astral Projection, Blooming and Glamour.
  • Tituba is the witch who taught this technique to Mary Sibley, then surely knows how to make her own dream walking albeit deemed them dangerous.
  • The ability to dream walking is often accompanied by that of creating illusions in order to have greater impact on the victim, relying on major fears or desires.


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