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The Dream World is one of the several dimensions that coexist with the material world and is reached through sleep or with particular rituals that allow a witch to probe the mind of her victims.


The human mind is less alert during sleep and this can be an advantage for the witch who wants to penetrate the mind of her victims in search of secrets and thoughts she can use for her purposes. Practising the dangerous art of Dream Walking, a witch is able to project herself into the oneiric dimension.

This dimension varies depending on each individual's dream, but it has some recurring traits: the lighting is more tenuous, the movements are more fluid and there is no real flow of time. Places can be similar or identical to those in which the person lives or know, as for people's faces, but often they are only the product of the sleeper's mind and the wise witch must be able to distinguish between dream and reality, otherwise is likely to remain trapped in the dense web of dreams and not being able to wake up.

Throughout the Salem Series

Hexed by Mary Sibley, the young Anne Hale has done erotic dreams involving both the Reverend Cotton Mather and John Alden, suffering with fever caused by witchcraft, giving a first glimpse of the existence of a realm of dreams (In Vain). With the running out of time, the witches had to act cunning so that Mary Sibley, assisted by the loyal Tituba, entered the John Alden mind to look for information on where the man had hidden the Malum. Tempted by the passion that he could share with John, Mary came in his dreams other times, eventually triggering in John a strong libido when he woke up. Unfortunately for her, Mary was so distracted by her romantic feelings for John that she was no longer able to distinguish between dreams and reality, finding a run into an imaginary forest chased by demons. Meanwhile, her physical body was suffering the side effects, causing spasms and a foaming mouth. Slapped by Tituba, she was brought back to reality(Our Own Private America).

Mary hits George with an oar in his dream to drown him

Concerned about what George would have been able to reveal to the witch hunter once freed by the familiar toad, Mary Sibley entered the mind of her husband while he slept. They found themselves on a boat in the middle of a lake which, according to them, was actually the memory of a place where they really were. Mary tried to kill him but the amulets used by Reverend Increase Mather saved George from the evil influences of the witch (Children, Be Afraid)

With the intention to find out the identity of the architect of the Great Rite success, Countess Von Marburg forced Anne Hale into a daydream lasted in reality, not even a blink. Projected in an enchanted forest very similar to the parallel dimension in which the Countess keeps her sarcophagus, Anne Hale found herself naked in a bathtub in the middle of the forest, totally subjected of the dream created by the ancient witch (Blood Kiss). Eager to discover the hiding place in which was hidden the precious child, Countess Von Marburg has bewitched John Alden mind while he was asleep, drawing him in a dream dominated by her will. However, Alden was strong enough to wake up (On Earth as in Hell).

Memorable Quotes

Mary Sibley: "He knows he has something of power, something witches would kill and die for. He will have well-hidden it."
Tituba: "Well, then how will you find it?"
Mary: "I've a mind to search his mind."
Tituba: "Dream walking? No. There has to be another way."
Mary Sibley: "We're running out of time, Tituba. Without the Malum and all it contains, our Grand Rite is not possible. Trust me. Once inside, I'll find the Malum, and then I'll get out."
Tituba: "Inside? It is not a house you invade but a man! And not just any man. Are you sure it is the Malum you seek and not just access to him?"
Mary Sibley: "Whatever my personal feelings are for John, I am only seeking the Malum."
Tituba: "Do you have any idea what crawling around inside his dreams could do to you and to him? It could leave either or both of you shattered, unable to tell dreams from reality. You could be lost, trapped! There are other ways to find the Malum. I cannot lie. I am afraid."
Mary: "Good. Be afraid. Watch over me. But this is my choice."
-- Our Own Private America
Anne Hale: "Where am I?"
Countess Von Marburg: "Within."
Anne Hale: "Within? Within what?"
Countess Von Marburg: "Your soul."
-- Blood Kiss



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  • The dream world exists in the multiverse together with other universes. According to Countess Von Marburg, there are millions of dimensions.
  • If a witch is trapped in Dreamland her spirit is lost forever and she may even die if not able to discern reality from imagination.
  • Apparently born witches or at least oldest witches, such as Countess Von Marburg, know how to force daydreams and dominate entirely what happens in the dreams of their victims.

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