The Devil was real. He could effect changes in the physical universe. He could tempt women into sin.

Elemental Control is the act of controlling and manipulating the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. This name, therefore, includes a wide range of spells that allow witches to have power over the natural elements on a small and large scale.

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Unlike Puritans, witches don't perceive the Earth and Nature as wicked places of evil and they are able to connect themselves with the natural energies to cast their spells. The knowledge of the Old Ways allows them to control and manipulate these elements with sympathetic magical spells and rituals. It has been proven that the control over the elements is the basis of Magic and the main gift given by the Devil to his witches. If they turn themselves from Him, he can strip said witches of these abilities in a ceremony known as the "Reckoning".

Control over the elements is a fine alchemical art that relies heavily on human emotions and only mastering them can lead to the full domain over the four classic natural elements. Otherwise, the witch will be at the mercy of the unleashed elements, as stated by Magistrate John Hale in his Book of Shadows, when he wrote "[...] you must learn to do it without the heat of emotion. A lightning bolt may scorch an entire forest. Only a human hand can build a fire and tend a flame. Control is all."

Earth[edit | edit source]

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Since witches can affect living things, they can also manipulate plants, branches and roots to act as agents of their wickedness. Their witchcraft can also allow them to grow plants at a supernatural speed and conjure thorns from their own blood drops. The element of Earth is represented by the very body of the witch, as shown during Mary's Reckoning when Earth was stripped from her in the form of her skin cracking into dust.

Air[edit | edit source]

Control over the Elemental Power of Air lies in the manipulation of invisible substances that surround the Earth. Air control is crucial for atmospheric spells and rituals, as witches can control the winds and unleash them at will, ranging from breezes to gales. A witch can harness the winds resorting to a bewitched knot, a string tied in particular ways that magically bind the winds. However, control over Air is not limited to manipulating winds. Since no witch has shown affinity with air control as with other elements, the further possible outcomes are quite unclear. [1] Worth mentioning that during the Reckoning this power was associated with the Witch's Breath. Therefore, it's fair to assume a correlation with taking away the breath from a victim by making the surrounding environment hostile to breathing as done by the Devil with Mary, although not to be confused with the 'Divine Power' to give and take life by leveraging on the life force through malice.

Water[edit | edit source]

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The element that gives life and that can easily take it off, water is the hallmark of the Countess Von Marburg, who has obtained the epithet of Water Witch because of her preference to use that element in her witchcraft. Witches can manipulate the water in many ways. Combined with weather spells they can bring the rain, but they can also manipulate the surrounding water to magically drown their victims or use it as a vehicle to transport their Specter even a mile away. The element of Water is represented by human emotions such as sorrow and sadness. Tears are a prerequisite for all spells cast in order to bring the rain.

Fire[edit | edit source]

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As one of the most heartfelt feelings by witches is anger, they are able to arouse and manipulate fire and flames as they please. Witches can light candles or cause major fires, even to emit fire from their hands, resorting to the recitation of incantations, the use of magic sticks or the sheer willpower depending on the situation and their position within the hive, as knowledge and experience are useful in getting more power. The element of fire is represented by the anger and "burning" desire crepitating inside the witch's soul.

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  • Describing Elemental Control in Writer's Wrap- 303 'The Reckoning,' Adam Simon pointed out that "Those powers work as we have seen throughout the series by control of the elements." This establishes how control over the elemental powers is at the basis of Magic itself as if it wasn't clear enough with the Reckoning procedures shown in the episode. [2]
    • Given Adam Simon's statement, it's conceivable associating most of the feats of magic depicted in the series with control over the elements, especially active and hostile powers. For example, Air Control to the various powers able to defy gravity, raise and hover through mid-air.
    • It should be noted that the four elements are not static and merely physical agents. They are a metaphysical concept that transcends the physical plane, idealized as the representation of the universe and human emotions throughout the whole history of science and philosophy, including several esoteric traditions, with Alchemy above all.
  • Spells to achieve control over the elements seem to require some specific ingredients or actions; Bringing the rain requires the shedding of tears, while spells and rituals related to earth and fire seem to strengthen with offerings of blood. Producing feats of levitation and telekinesis, however, seem to require only mental concentration and willpower.
  • When a series of elements are combined and unleashed together, they create a series of natural phenomena such as storms or earthquakes.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. For atmospheric manipulation, see Weather Control. For movement caused by magical means of oneself and others, whether they are objects or people, see Levitation and Telekinesis .
  2. Writer's Wrap - 303 'The Reckoning;' Adam Simon about the Elemental Powers.

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