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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.

One of the powers related to Elemental Control is the ability to create and manipulate fire with one's mind. Though it is probably one of the easiest abilities to master, it also takes a great deal to learn how to control.


Fire is the last of the four elements, and definitely the most unstable and dangerous one, being fueled by intense emotions such as anger, or passion, or desire. It goes without saying that conjuring fire is not very difficult as such emotions can be easily triggered. Dominating and conveying them to a specific goal is the hard part.

Fire can be conjured in different ways: pouring witch blood is a known method of igniting a flame, but chanting over witch-sticks can also easily create sparks, ignited by the will of the witch. Also, the more powerful a witch is, the higher the level of fire they would be able to create and manipulate. A prominent example would be Mary Sibley, the Samhain of the Essex Hive, who was able to burn the entire Salem Church in a few minutes with a small cut on the palm of her hand by means of a splinter "of her woods".

Besides this, control over the elemental power of fire allows a witch to hold flames or burning coals on the palms of their hands without incurring any harm or injuries. In certain circumstances, witches could also resort to pyromancy (divination through fire) to locate objects and people through flames.

Notable Examples

Promotional image of the third season depicting Mary Sibley holding fire in her hand.

  • Mary Sibley is the witch that most of all have proved to be a mistress of this wonder. Often required in spells and rituals, Mary used the flames to reach her goals, by making it her a hallmark. Angry with Tituba, Mary, with a single glance, burned the herbs on the worktable where her fellow witch was mixing powders and herbs for future potions and various concoctions. (Survivors) Mary has also used the fire as a catalyst to induce a trance, sending forth her Specter to haunt Mercy Lewis. (Lies) Noteworthy are Mary's feats of magic including fire to divine the location of objects or people, such as when her by spitting her own blood to conjure up a flame, and made contact with fellow witch Alexander Corwin, locating him through the smoke rising from the flame. (From Within) Later on, Mary created a fire in the palm of her hand to trace the entrance to Countess Von Marburg's lair, identifying the hideout of her sarcophagus aboard the ship. (Til Death Do Us Part) Similarly, she was able to ignite her hand to shed light on the inside of the so-called "Angelic Box of Anguish," using the magical fire like a torch. (The Reckoning) Furthermore, as part of a complex ritual to resurrect George Sibley, Mary Sibley lit a candle with an incantation, releasing a green flame. (The Wine Dark Sea) But surely the most impressive use of control over the elemental power of fire is that of a hostile attack. During a verbal confrontation with Tituba, Mary burned her friend's clothes with a simple gesture of her hand.(Wages of Sin) She used the same spell against Captain Braun, burning alive the man who was on her way to find the Countess's relic.(Til Death Do Us Part) Impressive was also her last decisive clash against Countess Von Marburg in Salem Church, where Mary sent the entire building on fire by a small sacrifice of her own blood, extracted from her palm with a wooden splinter of the church itself, fabricated with the wood of Salem woods. (The Witching Hour) Another event when Mary Sibley used sparkling firewood was when she projected herself aboard the ship and used two witch-stick made of an unknown wood to create sparks that ignited part of the ship, creating a diversion for Mary to sneak in the Countess's boudoir. (The Wine Dark Sea) During her dreadful "Reckoning," Mary was deprived of any control over the elements, breathing her last witch-fire for the last time. (The Reckoning)
  • Tituba has proven to be able to hold hot coals and flames without any harm to the hands. She also extinguished the flames sparked by Mary Sibley on her dress with her bare hands. (Wages of Sin)
  • Countess Von Marburg also displayed the ability to control the elemental power of fire when she extinguished the flames on her rotting remains with her bare hands without any damage.(Til Death Do Us Part)
  • Mercy Lewis, despite falling victim to Mary's revenge and being burned with his coven of rebels, Mercy Lewis survived fatal burns for average human beings. Although her body was severely burned, Mercy survived, managing to move and talk with little difficulty. (From Within)

Spells and Rituals

Conjuration of Fire

To attain provenance over the power of flame, a witch need only tap two wooden sticks against the other whilst speaking the following rhyme. Sparks will fly and catch fire.

  • Incantation: "Like brass to fire, like stick to flame, heed my words, know my name. Faster than light, dark corners seek, lick to flame, my vengeance wreak."
  • Used by: Mary Sibley

Divining for the Dead by Fire

When a witch seeks the dead, she need only utilise the ancient art of pyromancy in order to divine for the remains of that which has long departed. By invoking the sacred witch-fire and reciting the following words of power, the decedent shall make themselves known to her, even if they be nothing but bones.

  • Incantation: "Body without life, eyes without sight, whisper to this flame your place this night."
  • Used by: Mary Sibley



  • Fire is but one of four elements that witches are able to manipulate via magic.
  • Since it was most depicted on screen, it is probably one of the most common element-related abilities amongst witches.
  • Throughout the show, Mary expresses a great fondness for this element, and definitely seems to care for and cherish it far more than she does for water, air, or earth. Also, during her Reckoning, she was noticeably more upset and angry over being stripped of her fire element than she was over being stripped of any of the other three, even commenting that the fire was hers long before she became a witch.

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