Essex is a county in the northeastern state of Massachusetts and place of origin of the Essex Hive, the witch coven at the center of the events narrated in Salem.


Essex County is a rough place at the time of colonialism, made of dense forests inhabited by Native American tribes, small urban centers ruled by Puritan faith, struggles with the forces from the Old World, especially the British and French troops who wanted to keep the US cities under a policy controlled by Europe and the fear that the Devil was working to overthrow the world, helped by his earthly servants, the witches.


Located about 15 miles north-west of Salem Village, Andover got its start when a portion of land was set aside for an inland plantation in 1634. During the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, Andover, like other area villages, found itself in the midst of the hysteria. In fact, more people from Andover were accused and arrested for witchcraft than from any other town in New England.

In Salem, the town is mentioned by Dr Wainwright determined to discover how far the plague that was decimating the citizens of Salem had spread. (From Within)


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Boston is a major port city, where the assembly of the Puritan elders is located. Boston is also the town where both Increase Mather Cotton Mather administered their role of pastors in the local church before dedicating themselves to the witch-hunt in Salem. (Cry Havoc)  (Blood Kiss)


Deerfield is a nearby town reduced to a heap of rubble in the space of one night by the Great Terror unleashed by the Devil. When John Alden and Billy went to investigate, they found nothing but the town burned to the ground and charred corpses. (The Reckoning)

Essex County, England

Essex is a county in England, immediately north-east of London. This county has been the site of many witch trials in England and the same Increase Mather effected the death sentence of scores of witches back in the past. From this place come the Essex Witches who have settled in the homonymous American County.


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Salem is a port town in Massachusetts, and the outbreak of a violent witch-panic hysteria as well as the outbreak of a plague caused by maleficium. The Essex Witches have found a haven in Salem and have used the town citizens to awaken the Devil.

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John Alden: "The explosion came from Deerfield. I was just at the barricade. A rider arrived like one of the Four Horsemen, covered in ash. He said the sky above Deerfield was blood red. Every settlement between there and here is being emptied out, and the people are coming here for refuge."
--The Reckoning


  • Interesting to note that both John Alden Sr., one of the founders of Salem and father to John Alden, and the Essex Hive are natives of the Essex county in England, immediately north-east of London.
    • The infamous Increase Mather is also known for his pride in remembering the scores of witches that he sent to burn at the stake in this English county.
  • According to the biased vision of Countess Von Marburg, Essex witches are of lower rank than the witches from the Old World. This reflects both the cultural view that Europe had toward America, host colony of unwanted elements in the Old World society like prisoners, heretics and poor people in search of fortune, than the common belief shared by occultist, which has always been quite centered in the Western Magical Traditions, with England, Germany, Italy and France at the center of everything due to the great cultural background from the Classical Period.

Historical Facts

  • The county was created by the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony on May 10, 1643, when it was ordered: "that the whole plantation within this jurisdiction be divided into four shires". Named after the county in England, Essex then comprised the towns of  Salem,  Lynn, Wenham,  Ipswich, Rowley,  Newbury, Gloucester, and Andover, which were subdivided over the centuries to produce the modern composition of cities and towns. Essex County is famous as the area that Elbridge Gerry (who was born and raised in Marblehead) districted into a salamander-like shape in 1812 that gave rise to the word  gerrymandering.[1]
  • The English county from which it is named the American one is a place which has been always associated with witchcraft and gave, among other things, high visibility to the Modern Pagan Witchcraft movements also known as Wicca in the mid-twentieth century. Essex County was also the place where several witch trials occurred in 1645, related to the historical figure of Matthew Hopkins, the notorious Witchfinder. [2]


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