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God's first creation and His most enduring.
— The Sentinel describes angels

A Fallen Angel is a former member of a race of otherworldly deities created by the sovereign God of Heaven and who served under Him as the architects of the Earth and the instruments of His wrath. The Fallen Angels are the disciples of Samael who were imprisoned in Hell with him.

Although only Samael and Beelzebub were depicted in Salem, it is well known that Hell is occupied by a whole legion of Fallen Angels who serve different purposes in the torturous netherworld and who all yearn to return to Heaven to seek revenge against their creator and humanity.


Originally celestial beings formed into being by God's own divine will at the dawn of Creation to serve both as Architects of Creation as well as Engines of Divine wrath to punish the wicked, these exiled angels have become corrupted and malicious from their time spent in Hell as well as the corrosive hatred and bitterness that they feel towards the Creator and humankind.

They are the oldest and most powerful of the demonic legions. While much of their potential is shrouded in mystery, their appearance seems to reflect their inner evil and spheres of influence. Samael, the first among them, describe their race as vengeful monsters created by God. Their number is undetermined, as are most of their true names.


Heavenly Rebellion[]

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Once, we raised an army of brothers and stormed the very citadel of Heaven. We all know how that ended... in the bowels of newly formed Hell, so I've seen new beginnings before.
— The Sentinel

Eons ago, the angel Samael — currently known as the Devil for his adversary role — and a handful of fellow angels rebelled against God. Defeated, they were punished to spend eternity in a place of damnation created specifically to be their prison, a place that later became known as Hell. Faithful to the Devil, the fallen angels have suffered various punishments from God for their rebellion. The Sentinel, for example, has been entombed for thousands of years. All of them, however, equally share both the pain of being imprisoned in Hell as well as the shame and guilt of their ruin.

Powers and Abilities[]

Fallen angels are endowed with incommensurate powers and each of them possesses their own personalized form of magic. They are able to perform all the magic available to witches, especially the Devil, the source of their power. The only currently known fallen angels have shown the ability to change their appearance to their liking and control animals and other lower beings to achieve their goals. Although their true forms are shrouded in mystery, during a conversation between Cotton Mather and the Devil it was noted that whenever they appear to humans, Angels ask them not to be afraid. This is due to their terrifying appearance. A distinctive feature of these creatures is their seemingly endless knowledge and adaptability, able to acquire knowledge in a matter of seconds. Although the Old Tongue is their mother tongue, they know every language ever spoken by mankind. They appear to be almost impossible to kill with human weapons, as their wounds heal in a matter of seconds without causing the slightest pain to their human host, as if stabbing a puppet.


Although they are virtually invincible, an Angel's vessel can be killed with a special dagger newly forged along with a mixture of unknown herbs and ashes. The weapon should be forged by the one who will use it to murder the angel's human host. Antoher weakness is their hubris, a dangerous overconfidence in their abilities, dictated by their status as eldritch beings of power. However, this foolish arrogance is often the key to their defeat as less powerful beings may be able to overcome them precisely because they are considered harmless.

Closely linked to hubris, corruption is also another weaknesses mentioned by the Sentinel, stating that all power is corruptive, and that divine power is no exception. It was proved to be true when the Devil was blinded by his vengeful desire to destroy anything held dear to God and abusing his power in a quest to sit on Heaven's throne.

Angelic Devices[]

As architects of creation, angels are responsible not only for the creation of the fabric of the Universe itself but also of a wide range of artifacts with extraordinary powers.

Angelic Box of Anguish[]

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The Angelic Box of Anguish is a torture device masterfully crafted by The Sentinel to cause excruciating torments to mind and soul of his victims.

Angel's Tears[]

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Angel's Tears, also known as Red Mercury among alchemists, is a hexagonal bright scarlet-red jewel that collects angelic tears, as the name suggests. Its staggering power is to cause enormous destruction over a very short time.

Notable Fallen Angels[]

Character Description Status
Oliver Bell official photoshoot for season 3.jpg
The Devil
The Devil is the leader of the Fallen Angels and the first to have rebelled against God. As such he is the most powerful of these creatures. He's known under different names, but his brother refers to him as Samael, the Angel of Death. Undead
Sentinel-S03-official photoshoot.jpg
The Sentinel
The Sentinel is the lieutenant of the Devil and his right hand man. With the Devil he led a horde of rebels against the Citadel of Heaven.

His angelic name is Beelzebub.


Memorable Quotes[]

The Devil: "There are punishments far worse than death."
The Sentinel: "Trust me. I did. Once. I persuaded a full legion of our brothers to follow you and throw God, that ungrateful tyrant, from His celestial throne. Our fellow fallen still pay the price."
The Devil:"Can you not hear their cries echoing from hell? Rest assured. Our brothers will be freed and our tyrant Father will weep."
The Reckoning
The Sentinel: "When we were sent to slaughter the Canaanites, we wept. When we delivered the plagues, we wept. But beware for Samael! That boy, when he killed every firstborn of every mother in Egypt, his eyes were as dry as the desert."
The Reckoning
Mary Sibley: "I know what you are. You're nothing. Nothing but common thieves, liars, traitors, rapists, murderers. But worse than that, you're crybabies. Poor, proud, pitiful things. I've seen you and the best and worst men can be. And I assure you even the lowest of human has more heart, more soul than you two."
The Reckoning
Mrs Soughton (to Cotton Mather): "Oh, well, if it was up to your God, we would all be naked and ignorant in wretched Eden. Who clothed us? Who taught us to till the soil? Who gave us the gift of fire that transforms animals into meat and grain into bread? Your God? No.'Twas our Dark Lord and his Fallen Angels. It is to them we owe all that we are. He is coming to claim his kingdom. And we rejoice."
Night's Black Agents
Mary Sibley: "Thank you for helping me see. I do have a choice, unlike you. Is that why you hate us so because God created us to be free? Because he was tired of being surrounded by puppets like you."
The Sentinel: "I'm no puppet! I fought. I rebelled. I am free!"
Mary Sibley: "Then act now freely. Disobey my son. Free? Hardly. You just found somebody else to pull your strings."
Night's Black Agents
The Sentinel: "Angel slew angel as we fought our way up Mount Zaphon. As my troops and I crested the ridge, we saw the face of God, our Father, for once shining no light, but darkness visible. I couldn't tell if he was laughing or crying or both."
The Commonwealth of Hell
The Sentinel: "All power corrupts. And God's divine power is no exception. Our rebellion against Him was entirely just."
Cotton Mather: "Just or unjust, your rebellion failed."
The Sentinel: "Yes, we failed. And we fell to a place so far from the light that we forgot what light, and life, even was."
Cotton Mather: "We call it Hell."
The Sentinel: "We called it Home."
The Commonwealth of Hell
The Sentinel: "This was to be our time. Revenge against God. A chance to free our brothers from Hell and make this world our kingdom. We did not suffer and survive the wrath of God only to make you God instead."
The Dark Lord: "Be careful how you speak to me."
The Sentinel: "You are first among equals. Stronger than I or any of our brothers, but you are not stronger than all of us."
The Dark Lord: "Brother, is that some kind of threat?"
The Sentinel: "If that time comes, I won't waste time with threats."
The Commonwealth of Hell
The Dark Lord: "Whenever a human being encounters an angel in the Books, what are the first words the angel always says?"
Cotton Mather: "Be not afraid."
The Dark Lord: "Correct. And did you ever wonder why on encountering a human being, an angel must immediately tell them not to be afraid? Because angels are monsters, fearsome engines of wrath. The most terrible things we did, we did on His command: The flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, the torment of Job, Jonah, Daniel, St. Anthony and all the other holy falls, even the temptation of Christ himself. All on his orders. Write that down. That is your God. A vengeful, jealous, sadistic murderer and hypocrite."
Wednesday's Child




  • Fallen Angels were mentioned several times during the third season. However, only two were appointed by their own name. The Dark Lord, Satan or Lucifer was once known as Samael, the Angel of Death, while The Sentinel is referred to as Beelzebub by his brother.
    • In "The Reckoning," the Devil inside the body of Mary Sibley's son, John, was revealed to be Samael. Samael is an ancient entity that goes far back to the Old Testament, the Angel of Death in some cases, the tempter of mankind in other, but still beloved of God.
    • Co-creator Adam Simon has repeatedly given to understand that The Sentinel was Beelzebub, the Lord of Flies. This is confirmed in "The Man Who Was Thursday," when the Dark Lord cried out such name while pledging for his brother's help. [1] [2]
  • In the words of the witch Mrs Stoughton, Fallen Angels would be responsible for having taught mankind how to plow the fields, making clothes, even to have given them the fire for heat and cooking. This is based on various apocryphal traditions such as that contained in the prophecies of Book of Enoch, where angels are considered as those who have taught the humans all the secrets of the Earth, going from cooking food, to the manufacture of weapons and jewelry and, of course, to the lustful pleasures.
  • Contrary to popular belief, angels do not have wings, and the Bible does not mention angels with feathered wings as a common feature. The only celestial beings depicted with wings are the Cherubim and the Seraphim. Cherubim are described in the Book of Ezekiel and Revelations with a number of wings and four faces: lion, bull, human, and eagle. [3][4] Seraphim are described in the Book of Isaiah as having twelve wings. [5] Feathered wings are occasionally used by commentators of sacred texts to explain angel's freedom from earthly pains, and widely used by artists using pre-existent iconographies; For example, the Putto or Cupid of Greco-Roman religions.


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