"From Within" is the third episode of the second season of Salem, and the sixteenth episode of the series over all. It premiered on April 19th, 2015 on WGN America.


As the town of Salem continues to try and cope with the mounting plague, suspicions and fear grip the townspeople, and one of Mary’s recent adversaries takes steps to place himself in a position of power among the citizenry, leading Mary to rally her allies and resort to making a risky play in her bid to maintain control of the town. Meanwhile, Anne and Cotton find they share some common ground, an earlier act of mercy may come back to haunt Mary, tensions of a less-than-Puritan nature continue to smolder between Mary and Dr. Wainwright, John arrives back in Salem and makes his first move in the epic task that lies before him, and Mary and Tituba make a troubling discovery.

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In town, a young girl hears laughter from what sounds like several children. She follows the sounds to a well in the center of town and goes to help whoever is at the bottom until she pulls a pail up from the water and is grabbed falling in herself. Back at the Sibley residence, Mary and her son are sitting at the table eating breakfast. Mary notices a dead dove in her son's hands and demands him that he should bury it as soon as possible for it's not right to hold onto it. She also notices that he eats with his hands and she teaches him how to use a fork to eat his food properly.

Sometime later Mr. Hathorne wants to run for the role of magistrate and Mary doesn't like the fact that he is trying his hardest to do so. George watches later that night as Mary feeds her familiar and begs that the torment stop, in which Mary accepts. He, in turn, tells her that he will find out what she and Tituba are and will eventually try to end their torment over Salem down the road.

John Alden is walking through town to continue his witch hunt and stumbles upon a witch who is invisible and goes to strike him in which he succeeds. He holds him hostage in a barn and demands how many there are in Salem and what their agenda is.

The girl from the beginning rises from the well and proceeds to walk through town without being noticed. She appears wet and ill and enters the garden of the Sibley household and vomits poisonous and dirty black water into the water tank near the window and then leaves to infect more and more other water tanks in town.

Meanwhile, Reverend Lewis finds Dollie Trask and brings her home with him to discover Mercy in the house. Shocked, Dollie begins to cry and tells Mercy that she's so sorry for what had happened in which Mercy relentlessly asks her where she was when she and her coven were burned alive. Dollie replies by telling Mercy that she was in the woods to lure men to do Mercy's bidding. Mercy then dismisses the situation and moves onto Mary Sibley, and how she plans to use her and her father to deliver the first deathblow to Mary and Tituba.

Anne and Cotton are returning from Boston and has a discussion on what the true belief of Salvation and Damnation are and while in the process of entering Salem, two guardsmen stop the carriage they are riding in, and tells them no one is allowed in or out of Salem due to the mounting plague of the witch pox. When Cotton resists and tries to move forward, the men attack him and assaults Anne. In return, Anne fights back, but becomes overcome with her power and sends her attacker into the air and sends him into the tree impaling him, without Cotton even noticing.

Mary visits Isaac in the hospital who is still suffering from the pox, and talks with Dr. Samuel Wainwright about the pox and how it takes its toll upon the infected. Samuel begins to choke Mary in an experiment and after asks her what happened when she was being choked, and what went through her including if she had a racing heartbeat, pulse, and images that flashed through her mind as death came closer and closer. She firmly dismisses the experiment and leaves angry.

At the dinner party Mary and Tituba hold for the councilmen, they secretly do a ritual to watch John torturing a witch who's still searching for many answers. The ritual consisted of tearing out the tongue of a ram and of a man and continuing on. The women foreshadow an external threat to the hive, smart enough to kill a witch undermining the integrity of the Grand Rite.

Later that night, Dollie and Reverend Lewis meet at the hospital and hover over a suffering Isaac and speak with him softly. Reverend Lewis gags him to suffocate him and Dollie proceeds to place a sheet over his face to finish the attack as Mercy in the other room stands to smile at the sight. Back at the Sibley residence, Mary tucks her son in and begins to speak with him. He tells her that he buried the dove as she asked. She then sits on his bed and asks why he's still awake, and to which he responds by saying that he's afraid to shut his eyes for he may never come back as John did. He explains that when you die, you don't come back. Mary kisses him and reassures him that he will be perfectly okay to sleep. After tucking him in, Mary goes to her window and sees Wainwright peering at her behind his curtains and she proceeds to undress in front of him. As she is about to slip off her gown and expose her bosom, she turns away and faces a bathtub. Suddenly she is attacked by a rotting corpse and pushed into the tub to drown. The corpse holds Mary down for quite some time, and it is revealed that it is Countess Von Marburg, eyes white, is trying to attack her. She gives Mary a blood kiss and ends the attack. The episode ends with Mary in fear and in shock examining her blood dripping lips, in which Marburg does the same.


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International Titles

  • French: De l'intérieur (From Within)
  • German: Ein neuer Feind (A New Enemy)
  • Italian: Dall'Interno (From Within)

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