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I gave you leave to spy on the Countess, not haunt the streets of Salem like some ghost from a cheap ballad.

A Ghost is the soul and spirit of a deceased animal or person that can, under certain circumstances, appear as a visible manifestation to the living.


A ghost is the disembodied spirit of a person who has died. While it remains unknown if a ghost can manifest on their own, it has been proven that a spirit can be given leave from the spiritual world through the assistance of a witch. However, the spirit is only given a 24-hour window to walk among the living before it is forced back to the world it escaped. Depending on the spell, a ghost can be revived in their whole body or only part of it. While some ghosts are equipped with consciousness and memories, others are just automatons who act on the behest of the necromancer. After Mary Sibley manifested the spirit of Reverend Increase Mather, he was seen dressed in the very same attire that he did at the time of his death. This implies that upon death, the spirit will not appear any different dead than they did when they were alive.

Throughout the Salem Series[]

Season One[]

Tituba cast a spell on the face torn by William Hook's corpse to question him about the identity of the person acting against Mary Sibley. (Survivors)

The old witch Rose Browning resurrects a large number of corpses from mass-grave to attack John Alden and Cotton Mather. These reanimated corpses seem to be particularly susceptible to fire and return to their state of rotting corpses once the witch breaks her spell. (The Red Rose and the Briar)

Season Two[]

By unknown means, probably Glamour, Tituba deceived John Alden by speaking through Petrus's corpse inside his shack. At the end of the episode, Mary Sibley digs up the head of Increase Mather with the intention of question him through necromancy. (Ill Met By Moonlight)

Mary Sibley performs an elaborate necromantic ritual using the severed head of Increase Mather in order to invoke the spirit her bitter enemy directly from Hell. Unlike other reanimated corpses, Increase seems in every way a ghost, for example, being incorporeal and able to move at his pleasure like an apparition. Through a blood magic, Increase is subjected to the power of the necromancer, namely Mary Sibley. (The Beckoning Fair One)


Memorable Quotes[]

Mary Sibley (to Increase Mather): "Most agree the soul lingers for some time, very close to where the body lies. It sees and hears and feels keenly what happens. I'm glad of that, glad you'll suffer through what's still about to happen."
-- All Fall Down
The Dark Lord (to Sebastian Von Marburg): "Her flesh may be dead, but her spirit, whether on this earth or beneath it, still exists."
-- After the Fall


  • Witches may also be able to resurrect corpses as shown in the case of the crags victims resurrected by former Samhain Rose Browning. These are referred to as "Revenants".
  • In Season Two, Mercy Lewis stated her intention to ritually murder Isaac Walton in order to enslave his spirit after death to do her bidding.

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