I did it. And it worked just... Just like you said it would. I-I gave her the potion first, and then I pictured it in my mind, and she saw it.
— Mercy Lewis about Glamouring

A Glamour is any method of creating believable hallucinations and visions of something that is not actually present. While more experienced witches, such as Mary and Tituba, can create glamours through sheer will, less experienced witches, such as Mercy Lewis, might require additional potions and powders in order to cast this effect.


Powerful witches are able to create real disguises, such as when the Elder witch Rose Browning assumed the features of mrs. Alden. to deceive John Alden. A ritual that allows a witch to hide her true form, as a decaying body, is the one used by Countess Von Marburg by constantly bathing in the blood of innocent virgins. Another way to cast this kind of spells is to use potions and powders, such as when the Ghoul sprinkled Isaac's face with a sort of pitch and other unknown ingredients to hallucinate him, by showing the pig mask worn by John Hale as a real hybrid face. It seems like there are no simple incantations to perform this actions, only substances with hallucinogeic properties, and direct creation of the illusions for stronger users.

Notable Examples

  • Mercy Lewis, following the instructions of her mentor Mery Sibley, used this magic during a game with her friends. After offering a cup of tea laced with a potion to her friend Dollie, she asked her to break an egg in a glass cup, known as Cup of Venus, with the hope that she would see inside it the face of her future husband. [1] However, when Dollie broke the egg, the yolk did not take the form of a boy, but the appearance of a menacing skull.
  • Rose Browning resorted to this power to appear in the eyes of John Alden with the physical aspect of his deceased mother, perhaps in the hope that the man did not harm her in this guise.
  • Countess Von Marburg, thanks to her extensive knowledge of ancient witchcraft, has the ability to use human blood to appear always young and beautiful. In fact the woman's body is horribly disfigured and decadent, much like that of her original body content in a consecrated coffin. Taking baths in human's blood, possibly virgin blood, this witch is able to even ensure a remarkable longevity.
  • Mary Sibley, in order to get information from Isaac, entered his dream in the guise of his long lost love Abigail, seducing him. Mary also seduced young witch Anne Hale to arouse her, using her voice to create a vivid image of Cotton Mather in Anne's mind, while it was her touching the body of the virgin witch. Previously warned by Dr. Wainwright of Cotton's curiosity about the crags, Mary casts an illusion to make the river of hellblood appears as corpses of unwanted people to discourage further investigations by Salem's selectmen.
  • Tituba has assumed the appearance of Mary Sibley to seduce John Alden, while the witch was holding the man imprisoned in a secret chamber. She also tricked John Alden in believing that Petrus's corpse was talking to him, leading John Alden to hunt Anne Hale and capturing him for her own agenda against Essex witches.

Memorable Quotes

Dr Wainwright: Well, I've just come back from the crags with Mather and Hathorne. I don't know how you did it, but Mather was utterly baffled. And no one, Hathorne least of all, will believe anything he says now.
Mary Sibley: We call it glamour.
Sebastian Von Marburg: Yes, a minor, but effective tool.
Dr Wainwright: Minor? It's beyond the conception of our greatest minds. I must know more.
-- in Wages of Sin



  • The Countess seemed to be able to really morph into another form and present herself to Increase Mather as a child, keeping up the disguise even after the death of that body.
  1. This ritual is taken from the Salem witch trials' confessions. The girls of Salem revealed that the slave Tituba used her black magic to practice divination, a practice forbidden by the Bible. Tituba broke an egg into a glass to reveal the girls face their future husbands, just the same as shown in the episode.

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