Gloriana Embry
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Boston, Massachusetts (briefly)


Prostitute (Formerly)



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5' 5" (1,65 m)

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Cotton Mather (Former Lover)

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Azure Parsons



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The Vow

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Saturday Mourning

John Alden: Sir, Gloriana is no witch.

Increase Mather: No. But I think you will agree that she has bewitched my son.

— in the episode Departures

Gloriana was a local prostitute at The Divining Rod, a brothel in Salem, Massachusetts and also the lover of Cotton Mather before she was banished from Salem by Increase Mather.

She is a guest character in the first and third season of Salem, portrayed by the actress Azure Parsons.

Early life

Our granny used to scare us silly with those witch stories, but she'd really terrify my brothers.
— Gloriana

Not much is known about her early life. She was raised by a grandmother along with other brothers, probably native of Salem. At some point in her life, she did not have other choices then become a prostitute, putting herself under the protective wing of Madame Mab.


No doubt a woman of easy virtue, but with a good heart. Far away from Puritan morality, she fell in love with the Reverend Cotton Mather, who came to Salem to eradicate the threat of witches. In the course of the series, she showed acts of kindness both towards the other girls of the brothel and with the same Cotton, consoling the young man in his periods of despair, largely due to the abuse suffered by his father. The young woman was afraid of being accused of witchcraft because of her profession and Increase took advantage of her profession as a prostitute to get her away from his son Cotton.

Physical Appearance

A beautiful woman in her early twenties, pale-skinned, with thick red hair and a prosperous body. Unlike those of the Puritans, whose clothes are all blacks, Gloriana wore skimpy clothes of bright colors such as green or red. She kept her hair loose and wore jewelry.

Throughout the Salem series

Gloriana & Cotton laughing

Gloriana and Cotton having fun

Gloriana was Reverend Cotton Mather's favored prostitute, who paid a hefty sum to Madame Mab for no other man uses the woman's body for their carnal pleasures. She was sympathetic to the Reverend, and unlike her peers, she wasn't shy when it comes to talking with a man. Gloriana was like an open book with the man and the two talked about many topics, from the witch hunt to sex.

After the birth of a deformed fetus, one of the many evil machinations of Mary Sibley implemented to muddy the waters, Bridget Bishop, the town's midwife, was accused of witchcraft and Gloriana had to be a witness in court, because she and Madame Mab were present when a prostitutes gave birth to the deformed fetus under the terrified eyes of the prostitutes and the same midwife. John Alden, then, to highlight the innocence of the midwife, accused the prostitutes of being part of the witch-cult too, but Gloriana countered that she was not a witch and was defended by Cotton. Gloriana later went for the midwife hanged, confessing her fears to be accused again to Cotton, and the man assured her that he would always protect her.

What began as a game, however, became something deeper. Both of them began to feel real affection, almost love, for each other. Their love was so much that Cotton also came to think of to marry the woman, making her an honest woman instead of a prostitute.

Gloriana & Cotton kissing

Romantic effusions between the two

However, this relationship was hampered from the start. Initially by the same Cotton, unable to admit his own feelings, reaching even to repress them. The love for the woman, however, was very strong and when the Reverend saw other men flirting with Gloriana at the Salem Inn, he reacted badly, almost coming to a fistfight.

Later, in the church, when Gloriana asked explanations to Cotton, the man began to kiss her and he had a violent sexual intercourse with her on the floor of the church. But for the lovers, the worst was yet to come. In fact, shortly after this, Increase Mather, father of Cotton and violent witch-hunter, arrived in town, The man saw the woman as a threat to the political career of his son and cast her away from Cotton with infamous means.

Gloriana comforting Cotton

Gloriana comforting Cotton

Cotton cannot stand over the abuses of his father and confessed to Gloriana that he fears the boot of his father, as when he was a child. Gloriana then comforted him, reminding him that he is a strong man and a responsible adult, as well as a good witch-slayer. The goodness of Gloriana, however, could not anything against the evil machinations of the witches hidden in the higher ranks of Salem.

Once arrested on charges of witchcraft, during the interrogation held by ordeal of water, Mab accused Gloriana of being a witch too. Immediately the young prostitute was arrested, under the eyes of a helpless Cotton, subject to the will of his despotic father. Increase Mather gave his son the task of searching for the woman's body the Devil's Mark, but when no infamous mark was found on the naked body of the woman, inspected under the eyes of militiamen, Increase accused her of immorality and fornication, banishing her from the city. Later Increase confessed first to John Alden and then to his son that he drove the prostitute away because she was a hindrance to the political career of Cotton and she was not a good wife-material. Increase ordered some militiamen to lead the woman as far away from Salem, up to where the horses would hold before falling to the ground exhausted. After a last sad kiss through the bars of the wagon, Gloriana has never seen again. (Departures)

After wandering for a long time looking for Cotton, going up to Boston and back, Gloriana found herself entering Salem along with the horde of refugees. Pregnant and suffering, Gloriana was rescued by none other than Anne Hale, who offered her herbal skills to refugees since no doctor was willing to help them. After that Anne has ascertained that the child was healthy, she didn't recognize Gloriana until she revealed the identity of the child's father, causing an uproar in the heart of the ginger witch. (The Commonwealth of Hell)


Cotton Mather

Main article: Cotton and Gloriana
Nothing is going to happen to you.
— Cotton to Gloriana in In Vain
Cotton looking at Gloriana

Cotton comforts Gloriana

Cotton and Gloriana establish a loving relationship blossomed as a result of Cotton's many visits at the brothel in town. The girl was able to break the shell of Cotton, loving him for the man who is fragile. Increase Mather, however, doesn't see the love between the two as something morally ethical nor useful to the possibility of Cotton to hold high political positions. When the girl is banned for immorality, Cotton it is psychologically destroyed, letting go totally adrift.

Memorable Quotes

Gloriana: Our granny used to scare us silly with those witch stories. But she'd really terrify my brothers. She told them witches could steal a man's..
Cotton Mather: Aah! Would you like that, Gloriana, without the bother of the man attached?
Gloriana: Not this man.
The Vow
Gloriana: Have you lost your lust for life? Don't tell me that you are full up.
Cotton Mather: Perhaps some holes cannot be filled.
Gloriana: Really, my lord? Which holes are those?
Cotton Mather: The ones we dig for ourselves.
The Stone Child
Gloriana (to Cotton): If they can hang a woman like Miss bishop, what does that mean for someone like me?
In Vain
Gloriana: "If we could leave this place? If we could forget Salem and its witches? If we could have a different life?"
Cotton Mather: "I believe I'm doing good."
Gloriana: "I know. And your father would be so very proud."
In Vain
Cotton Mather(after they had sex): "I have no words. Like a man who's seen the face of God. Only an awed silence is the appropriate response."
Gloriana: "No.Where are you taking me? Tell me! Where are you taking me?!"
Increase Mather: "Good people of Salem, it has come to my attention that the accusation leveled today was a trick of the witches An infernal ploy to delude and distract from the truly guilty. This woman is no sorceress. And therefore she will not go to trial. But what her advocates fail to grasp is that absence of guilt does not mean innocence For this whore is no innocent Far from it. She is guilty of sin, sins of the flesh, sins against God, sins both mortal and eternal, and as such, she warrants no place in Salem."
Cotton Mather: "No!"
Increase Mather: "And so, by my decree, she is hereby banished from our midst, her expulsion immediate and beyond dispute. And should she look at me ever return at any time, for any reason, you will find yourself once again beside me on the common, your lifeless body dangling from the wrong end of the hangman's noose. Take her."
Gloriana: "Nooo! Cotton! Nooo!"
Cotton Mather: "No! Gloriana! I'm sorry."



Season One

Season Three


  • Gloriana: Elaborated form of Latin Gloria meaning "glory". In Edmund Spenser's poem 'The Faerie Queene' (1590) this was the name of the title character, a representation of Queen Elizabeth I.


  • Gloriana is but one of the several victims of sexual abuse during the series. Gloriana has been forced to have sex by Cotton Mather in "Survivors," following a fit of jealousy towards the woman seen with another man at the tavern.
  • Gloriana is one of the two women loved by Cotton Mather in the series. The other is Anne Hale, though she is loved because of a spell of love. Both women have red hair.
    • Gloriana is one of the several redheads in the show. The others are Anne Hale, Rose Browning and Mab. Gloriana is the only woman with red hair who is not a witch.

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