Loving arms await you to enclose you in His cloudy breast, and wipe all the horrors from your heart.
— The Sentinel to Mary

Heaven is the kingdom of the blessed that is hidden high above the Earth and is ruled by God.

Description[edit | edit source]

Heaven is a metaphysical place of eternal bliss that is believed to welcome the souls of the righteous and the blessed after their death. Nevertheless, according to Reverend Cotton Mather, there are more souls in Hell than there are in Heaven. Cotton explained to John Alden that every man, woman, and child has committed sins, and for these sins, everyone will be judged and punished.

While the basis of Heaven remains a mystery, contrary to religious belief, Heaven is not exclusive to Christians or saints, as John Alden – a freethinker and a murder – was shown entering Heaven. Sooleawa and her father were also shown entering Heaven, in spite of their disbelief in Abrahamic faiths.

According to Sooleawa, the Great Spirit is the proprietor of this heavenly realm and this world is a place of ultimate beauty and peace.

The Fall from Heaven[edit | edit source]

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Angel slew angel as we fought our way up Mount Zaphon. As my troops and I crested the ridge, we saw the face of God, our Father, for once shining no light, but darkness visible. I couldn't tell if He was laughing, or crying, or both.
— The Sentinel describing the War in Heaven to Cotton Mather.

Eons ago, a faction of angels led by Samael, the Angel of Death destined to be known as Satan or Lucifer to humankind, rebelled against God the Father they considered a ruthless tyrant. This Rebellion caused a tear in the Heavenly ranks, where angel versus angel, brother against brother, overshadowed God's light with darkness. This terrible and catastrophic rebellion led to a great fracture in the Universal Balance, causing the creation of a dimension of eternal damnation, where the Fallen Angels were eternally imprisoned to suffer excruciating pains. This dimension of eternal suffering became known as "Hell," and it became a place of atrocious suffering even for human souls stained with sins.

The Garden of Eden[edit | edit source]

Oh, well, if it was up to your God, we would all be naked and ignorant in wretched Eden!
Mrs Stoughton to Cotton Mather

The Garden of Eden is a blissful place created by God, and inhabited by Adam and Eve before their disobedience. According to the words of the ancient witch currently known as Countess Von Marburg, unlike the teachings of Abrahamic religions, Eve did not condemn humanity to sin; Rather, she sought the true knowledge and was the first to follow the Serpent, implying that Eve - and later, Adam - were the first witches as they were the first to worship the Devil. And from that moment, narrow-minded men began to torment those who walked out of the path outlined by God the Father, seeking knowledge. This belief was also shared by Sebastian Von Marburg with Dr Wainwright, when giving him glimpses of witch-lore.

As narrated by the Bible, Adam and Eve were banished from Eden and confined to Earth, working with effort the fruits of the Earth. According to witch Mrs Stoughton, Fallen Angels taught trades to humans, including agriculture, metalworking, and all other survival activities.

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

Countess Von Marburg (to Anne Hale and Tituba): "The first and best of women, our mother Eve, followed the serpent. And ever since, small-minded men have tormented us. Did you never ask yourself what kind of a God plants a tree bearing the fruit of true knowledge, only to forbid his creation to partake?"
Midnight Never Come
The Sentinel (to the Devil): "Once, we raised an army of brothers and stormed the very citadel of Heaven. We all know how that ended. In the bowels of newly formed Hell, so I've seen new beginnings before."
After the Fall
The Sentinel (to Mary Sibley): "Loving arms await you to enclose you in His cloudy breast, and wipe all the horrors from your heart."
Night's Black Agents
The Sentinel: "All power corrupts. And God's divine power is no exception. Our rebellion against Him was entirely just."
Cotton Mather: "Just or unjust, your rebellion failed."
The Sentinel: "Yes, we failed. And we fell to a place so far from the light that we forgot what light, and life, even was."
The Commonwealth of Hell

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Heaven is believed to be an extremely beautiful and peaceful world that is populated by benevolent souls.
  • Season Three has established more or less directly that Heaven and Hell were creations of God as narrated in the Bible; Therefore, the Great Spirit revered by Native Americans can be a misinterpretation or different vision of the same God under a different guise.
  • While describing the Rebellion of the Angels against God, The Sentinel mentioned Mount Zaphon. This mountain is the equivalent of Jebel al-ʾAqraʿ, a real mountain located on the Syrian–Turkish border on the Mediterranean Sea, and has a long history in the Middle Eastern religions such as, for example, the ancient Canaanite religion, where was considered the abode of the Gods. Mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures as the highest mountain, and therefore near Heaven (Isa 14:13).

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