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I stabbed thin air, and then I caught you. What would you call that if not witchcraft?
— John Alden to Corwin

Invisibility is an ability granted by both Witchcraft and Shamanism to render someone invisible at the sight via magical means that can differ due to the ritual employed each time.


The shamans, by means of a medicine bag, can guarantee even to ordinary human beings the ability to become invisible. This power, however, comes at a price. In fact, whenever the owner wearing the fetish, a part of his soul is affected. This is tangibly felt by the black veins that appear on the body of the person, similar to those that appeared on the body of Mary Sibley when the Devil took away her fetus. Even witches are adept at becoming invisible, most likely due to the power of illusion manipulation. Until now, only two witches have given proof of this power: Councillor Alexander Corwin and the reckless Mercy Lewis.

Throughout the Salem series

the medicine bag's drawback

John Alden received by the shaman one of the Shamanism's tools of power: a muslin bag that guarantees the ability to act unseen by humans. However, this bag has a significant drawback, that of depriving to the owner of reason. The captain has used it at least five times, to act undisturbed through the streets of Salem, risking his soul. In fact, the black veins had already begun to spread widely on his body, while at the beginning they only appeared on his arms. Also the power of psychometry of Mary Sibley was strong enough to allow her to perceive John's presence, even though she was unable to see him with her eyes.

The power of invisibility has also been used by Councillor Alexander Corwin, a undercover witch part of the circle of Salem's selectmen, with the task of reporting to Mary the intentions of the Puritans. However, since the young man was walking on the wet ground, he left traces of his passage and John Alden was able to capture following the footsteps.

Lastly, Mercy Lewis hath used this power to enter John's bedroom and playing with the child, currying his confidence to abduct him and take him on the ship of Countess Von Marburg. This time Mary was not able to perceive the presence of Mercy, as had happened with John.


  • The medicine bag is a very dangerous object and its power is not worth the risk.
  • Powerful witches as Mary Sibley, Samhain of the Essex Hive, was able to feel the presence of John Alden, but not to see him. However she was not able to perceive the presence of Mercy Lewis.
    • It is unclear whether this means that Mercy's magic is stronger than that of the medicine bag, or if Mary could feel the presence of John because she was actually looking for someone, and when Mercy used her power, the lady of the house did not expect an intruder.