What I'll do is this: I'm going to slit your belly open. I'm going to reach in, pull out, and throttle you with your own intestines.
— Increase Mather to Isaac in Children Be Afraid

The relationship between Isaac Walton, Salem's handyman, and Increase Mather, the great witch hunter from Boston.

Throughout the Salem series

Season One

Arrived in Salem, Increase assumes Isaac as a handyman, especially as caretaker of George Sibley during his convalescence.The violent character of the witch hunter is antithesis with the innocent goodness of Isaac, who suffers the harassment of the man. Deceived by mary to administer a tonic to her husband, the young man is surprised by Increase and is forced to reveal the sender's identity of the mysterious drink. Once revealed to Increase that Mary Sibley is the sender of the tonic, Isaac cannot do anything to prevent the man to head to The House of the Seven Gables and to accuse the woman of witchcraft. Later, Mary Sibley cunningly relies on Isaac's desire to redeem himself in the eyes of Increase Mather and tells him to lead Increase in the woods, where they can catch Mercy Lewis, the wayward witch. Once in the woods, however, Isaac was wounded during the clash between the hunter and the Witch and is brought back to Salem, where he is medicated on the order of Increase and kept away from the cares of his friend Mary Sibley. This is the last time the two men interact with each other because, after this, Increase is mortally wounded by his son Cotton, who's deceived by the witches, and is later sacrificed by Mary as the thirteenth victim of the Grand Rite. </tabber>



  • Increase assumes Isaac as a handyman, and give him some life lessons.
  • Despite Increase is a devout Puritan, he does not seem to be particularly severe for the sin of fornication that Isaac had been spotted in the past in the past. Indeed, Increase offers him a second chance.
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