Mary Sibley: So, you're really leaving.

John Alden: Mary, trust me. I will come back for you. Look, this is all that I have and I swear on my parents' grave, this is my vow.

— in The Vow

John Alden's vow to return within a year of war consisting of a silver coin broken in half.

Throughout the Salem series[edit | edit source]

During the events of 1685 , the young John Alden, who was enlisting into the militia, made a vow that he would return for his lover Mary Sibley within a year. He split a silver coin in half, giving one half to her, a token of his promise to her. For seven years they both kept their tokens, Mary had hers set into a gold necklace but after the events of The Vow John briefly gave his away in The Stone Child but was returned to him in Ashes Ashes. Mary used magic to bring the two half's back together in All Fall Down and is currently in the hands of John.

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Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

John Alden (to Mary Sibley): The universe itself was made out of vows, and breaking them carries consequences.
--- in The Vow
John Alden: It came back to me.
Mary Sibley: As you came back to me. All things return, like every salty tear returns to the sea. This is something one learns.
John Alden: As a witch?
Mary Sibley: As a woman.
--- in All Fall Down
John Alden: You know, my father said that this was the land of second chances. So this is ours. We could start again, all we have to do is walk away.
---in All Fall Down

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