Relationship between Essex witch Mary Sibley and the Reverend Cotton Mather.

Early History

Not much is known of their past history but it is presumed they might of known each other before Mary became a witch. Mary summoned Cotton to Salem prior to John's arrival under the pretense of a witches threat.

Throughout the Salem series

Though it is shown Mary holds some affection for the reverend it doesn't prevent her from manipulating him to benefit her own agenda (The Vow). When his father arrives in Salem she has Magistrate Hale have Mab falsely accuse his lover Gloriana Embry of being a witch to distract Increase from the truth, resulting in her being banished from Salem (Departures). During the finale battle between herself and his father, he stabs his own father believing he is saving her from being tortured (All Fall Down).


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  • Mary Sibley and Cotton Mather are partners in crime in the murder of Increase Mather, and its concealment.

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