George: Enough. I cannot endure any longer. Just kill me.

Mary: Now, you know too well the Hell I can make of your existence.

The relationship between the Puritan Selectman George Sibley and the Salem Witch Mary Sibley.

Throughout the Salem series

Season One

Mary married the wealthy selectman some time after she was told that John Alden had died, and after Magistrate Hale poisoned his late wife. Within two years of their marriage Mary placed George under her spell while the rest of Salem believed he was suffering from a mystery illness. Mary was shown to hold no affection for her husband and simply married him to acquire the influence she needed to control Salem as well as an act of revenge for sending John away (The Vow). After the arrival of Increase Mather Mary tried to destroy his mind to prevent him from revealing what she was, where it was shown he had once been enamored with his young wife despite her own revulsion of him but her plan failed due to Increase's intervention (Children Be Afraid). Since his bewitchment he has shown to hold no more affection for his wife and even voted for John Alden to go to trial to spite her (Cat And Mouse).

Season Two




Mary Sibley: You took away everything I had, George Sibley. Everything I loved. Can you imagine how good it feels to take everything you have, destroy all you’ve built, and devour your very soul?
-- in The Vow
George Sibley: The only thing keeping me alive is the look on your face. When John Alden finds out what you really are and throttles you with his bare hands.
-- in The Stone Child
George Sibley: Please, no more! End this! Have mercy...I beg you.
Mary Sibley: You have finally lost your appetite for defiance.
George Sibley: Enough. I cannot endure any longer. Just kill me.
Mary Sibley: Now, you know too well the hell I can make of your existence. But imagine The heaven I might grant you in relief.
-- in From Within
Mary Sibley: I might ask you what a good meal would mean to you, the touch of young flesh, life surging through your feeble appendages once more. I have a proposal for you. An old rival of yours has reared his head Wendell Hawthorne.
George Sibley: He knows what you are!
Mary Sibley: George, if those tepid men saw me for what I truly am, they would soil themselves in fear, as you so often have. But that needn't be so. For perhaps the first time ever, your interests and mine share common ground. Hawthorne not only made advances to your wife in public, but he tried to strip you of your lands. Outside these walls, George Sibley is a giant amongst men, the last of the founders, but Hathorne seeks to destroy that. I hardly think it's a sin to protect what you've worked so hard to achieve, George. Your life as you know it may be over.
-- in From Within
George Sibley: No! I beg you, ignore my vile words. I'm nothing, a worm, not worthy of the effort it'd take to kill me.
Mary Sibley: That's right. So understand this there is more work to be done, George. Rise to this occasion, not only will you live, but you may yet taste real delights.
George Sibley: Yes, mistress.
-- in The Wine Dark Sea



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