I can see before my eyes how right I was. Your darkling glow burns brighter than ever: Witch!
— Increase Mather to Mary Sibley

The antagonistic relationship between Essex witch Mary Sibley and witch hunter Increase Mather.

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An old friend of George Sibley's, he is the head of one of the founding families of Salem and a formidable witch hunter. He returns to a Salem because of his sons failure to eradicate the witches. Not much is known about their past history but it is presumed they knew of each other before Mary married George. When Increase returns he sparks real fear in Mary who tries to send her husband away to Boston to prevent him from discovering his friend is under a spell but her plan fails and Increase takes George under his care (Departures). He later becomes suspicious of Mary and falsely arrests John Alden of witchcraft as bait to lure Mary into revealing she is a witch (The House Of Pain). Mary kills him as the final and thirteenth sacrifice to complete the Grand Rite after she saves John (All Fall Down).

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Unable to counter the terrible threat of Countess Von Marburg, Mary resort to necromancy to call from beyond the grave the ghost of Increase Mather, who, assured by the promise of being able to say goodbye to his son, plotting with Mary Sibley to counter the Countess, enemy of both.

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Mary Sibley: He is formidable, the senior Mather, part bully, part bloodhound.
--- Departures
Mary Sibley: You are no better than those you hunt. No, you're far worse. A witch, like a wolf, doesn't torture her sacrifice, only priests and inquisitors do that.
Increase Mather: Perhaps you can convince yourself that there is scant different between good and evil but I know better.
Mary Sibley: Did it ever occur to you that the dark power we gain is precisely that which you think you can expel from yourself?
Increase Mather: You know nothing, creature. Whatever happens here today only proves that what I believe is true.
--- All Fall Down

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