Whatever happens, do not be afraid. We will meet again. I love you beyond all measure.
Mary to John

The relationship between Salem's most powerful witch Mary Sibley and her son John Sibley.

Early History

After Mary Walcott discovers that she is pregnant by John Alden, Mary fears what the Puritans will do to her should they discover that she is pregnant out of wedlock. Therefore, Mary is convinced by Tituba that the best thing that she can do for both herself and her child is to offer the child up to the Devil in exchange for power. For the following seven years, Mary is lead to believe that her child died shortly after he was sacrificed to the Kanyma. The witches also convince Mary that she would never have had to make such a painful sacrifice if it wasn't for the cruel and inhumane society created by the Puritans. This is what fuels Mary to complete the Grand Rite, in order to exact revenge against the Puritans and help the witches to create a beautiful world of freedom, justice, and liberty, especially for their kind. However, after the surprising return of John Alden (who Mary believed died in the war), Mary slowly begins to lose sight of her grand vision, until she finally decides to abandon her task altogether and leave Salem with her long-lost lover, John Alden. However, before Mary has the chance to leave, Tituba reveals to Mary Sibley that in spite of what the witches lead her to believe, Mary's child is alive and well and threatens to kill him, if Mary fails to complete the Grand Rite.

Throughout The Salem Series

In The Vow, Giles Corey threatens Mary that he will reveal to John about the abortion, when everyone - except Tituba - is unaware that the child is still alive. In The Stone Child Mary is crying while feeding her familiar and Tituba tells her crying will sour the milk. Mary says "There was a time I might of suckled something other than a Toad," Later in the episode Mary tells a woman who lost her baby " I too have lost a child. Oh I know the pain you feel, I feel it even now,"

Meeting his mother for the first time

In All Fall Down, Tituba makes her return to The House of Seven Gables to stop Mary, which has threatened the Elders to leave Salem without completing the Grand Rite. To force her to remain, Tituba delivery to her a wooden casket containing a lock of hair tied by a ribbon and reveals that belong to her son, that Mary has always considered dead. At this point Tituba promises to her former mistress that she will embrace his son only once completed the mission of the Ritum Magni, otherwise, the witches will kill her son once and for all. Once Increase was killed, Tituba leads Mary in the wood where witches guard the child who, once seen his mother, runs to hug her.

Little John with his mother.

In Cry Havoc, the boy is first seen at Mary's home who is singing him a lullaby, Mary states that he looks like he has never heard a lullaby before and the boy tells her that the elders never sang to him and she promises she will sing to him every night. Mary tries to question where he has been all these years but Tituba arrives to take him back to the hive. Mary tries to stop her stating she has had enough of the elders' conditions of her seeing her son, who belongs with her in Salem but the boy cries out in pain when Tituba uses her powers on him to force Mary's compliance, Mary concedes to their wishes but promises her she will one day suffer.

The following evening the boy is visiting his mother who is showing him object's that once belonged to her own mother, where she tells him she does not remember her as she died when she was very young. He asks about his own father and she tells him he was the very best of men, one that she loved very much but he is dead. The boy asks her his name and she tells him his name was John, he reveals that the elders never gave him a name, that he isn't allowed one till he is baptized but would like to be called John, Mary tells him that he will be if that's what he wants affectionately calling him "little John".

In Blood Kiss

In From Within

In Book of Shadows

In The Wine Dark Sea

In Ill Met by Moonlight

In The Beckoning Fair One

Memorable Dialogues

Mary Sibley (to John): You and I are not going anywhere this is our home and we shall never be separated... not ever again.
-- in Cry Havoc
Mary Sibley (to John): You were not born for this. You were born to be loved. And I do love you. I am so sorry, my love. I have failed you over and over again, but I will not fail you now. Whatever happens, do not be afraid. We will meet again. I love you beyond all measure, beyond any other love, beyond life itself.
-- Midnight Never Come



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