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The girls here aren't the ones in cages. The men are, especially the ones who serve her. They got no choice but to obey. She keeps their manhoods locked up in her room.
— Alice describing the henchmen'role

A group of faithful servants loyal to their mistress, the witch Mercy Lewis. They are a group of rioters who sow panic in Knocker's Hole.

Description[edit | edit source]

The henchmen who are at Mercy Lewis' service are a bunch of criminals and idlers specifically bewitched by the young woman in order to obey every order she requires. Unlike her fellow witches that primarily employ familiars to induce paralysis in their victims, Mercy Lewis has developed a peculiar use to subdue the will of men; by castrating and replacing their genitals with birds, she is able to assume full control over their actions. The witch preserves their manhood in her room at the Bird's Nest, where she showed of making a somewhat peculiar use of them by yet unknown magic.

Throughout the Salem series[edit | edit source]

Walking in the streets at night, Dollie Trask seduced a blacksmith like a siren with a sailor, drawing him deeper into the forest after passing through the cemetery with the promise of a pleasant reward. Once safe from prying eyes, Mercy's acolytes appeared wearing only long white undergarments, seducing the blacksmith along with their sister Dollie meanwhile tying him to the trunk of a big tree with a rope. It was too late when he realized to be in the presence of Mercy Lewis, as the witch castrated him without much hesitation, carrying out her gruesome ritual of submission by inserting a crackly raven in the open wound between the legs of the man. Subdued to her will, Mercy ordered the man to go home and wait for the moment when she would call him to accomplish her bidding. One of the following nights, Mercy visited the hags in the woods, bringing as a gift a bag full of menhood taken away from the unfortunate citizens. Since the offer was disdained, Mercy killed the hags. (Cry Havoc)

Banished by the Countess Von Marburg and covered with sores, Mercy tried to abduct a child, but was hampered by Isaac Walton. In response, the witch summoned her servants who engaged in a scuffle with Isaac up to put him on the run with the little girl, leaving Mercy in the throes of her anger. (The Witching Hour)

Determined to avenge the death of Dollie and stop Mercy once and for all, Isaac began to investigate on Nick Land's death, suspecting Mercy as the author of the mysterious crime. Not at all happy with the situation, Mercy sent her henchmen to beat Isaac in a dark alley, after they had lured the sheriff in the alley with the pretext of a theft at the expense of one of the ladies at the market. After they beat the man and cut his hair to highlight the F of fornicator on his forehead, the leader of the henchmen ordered him to stop inquire about Mercy Lewis. (The Reckoning)

Another time that Mercy resorted to her henchmen for personal gain was when she ordered them to put in a bad light Mr Putnam, guilty of being a political opponent of Magistrate Hathorne, Mercy's new love interest and ally. The henchmen caught the attention of the people gathered at the Knocker's Hole market, loudly praising the efforts and political successes achieved by the Magistrate in favor of the citizen welfare. (Night's Black Agents)

Shortly after this occurrence, Isaac Walton burst into the brothel and, hidden in Mercy's boudoir, released doves from their cages. The birds hovered in the air and flew steeply to the chest of the respective owners of manhood taken away by the witch, returning to the henchmen their free will, just as they were in the company of Mercy Lewis and some refugee girls. The henchmen, enraged, attacked Mercy Lewis, pressing her against a wall and stabbing her repeatedly in the abdomen. (The Commonwealth of Hell)

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

Blacksmith: "Mercy Lewis! You witch! Stay away from me! No, you let me go! I'll tell them all you're here and what you're doing!"
Mercy Lewis: "Really? And what are you gonna tell them? That you dragged a poor girl to the woods to steal her maidenhood? No. Some crazy bitch stole your manhood? I control you now. Go home. You will say nothing of this because you can say nothing of this. And one day, maybe tomorrow night, maybe one thousand and one nights from now, I will call you. Yes. And you will do as you are told."
Cry Havoc
Isaac Walton: "There will be no more of your foul magic here! Who says so? I do. This is my watch now."
Mercy Lewis: "Your watch, is it? Well, good luck to Salem, then! Protected by sir Isaac the idiot. I still have friends in this town. I told them one night I'd call for them."
The Witching Hour

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  • According to the credits, the one who seems to be the leader of the group is portayed by actor Clint James, credited as "Towering Bird Dick Man", and later as "Isaac's Man".

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