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This article is about the Historical figure Mercy Lewis you may be looking for the Salem character Mercy Lewis.

Mercy Lewis (ca. 1674 or 1675 – ?) was born in Falmouth, Maine. On September 30, 1689, an Indian attack killed both of her parents; as a result, the 14-year-old Mercy was placed as a servant in the household of the Reverend George Burroughs. By 1691 she was a servant in Thomas Putnam's household.

Salem Witch TrialsEdit

Some time in 1691, she was sent to live with the Thomas Putnam, Jr. family in Salem Village, with whom she was distantly related. At the Putnam household, Lewis befriended Ann Putnam Jr. and her cousin Mary Walcott who were among the first to make claims of affliction by specters of witches. Mercy would become one of the most consistent and vocal accusers during the 1692 witchcraft trials in Salem. From her previous experience, Mercy was the chief source of information about Reverend George Burroughs and the Hobbs family in Maine. It suspiciously appears that the afflicted girls seemed to have entered into something of a conspiracy as time went on, so that in the case of Reverend Burroughs, Ann Putman initiated an accusation against him. Mercy was also responsible for preventing Mary Eastey from being freed when all accusations had been withdrawn.

After the trials, Mercy moved to Boston to live with her aunt. There she bore an illegitimate son. By 1701 she had married a Mr. Allen in Boston, Massachusetts.


Mercy Lewis is one of the featured characters in Arthur Miller's fictional play and later film The Crucible.

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