We may fashion ourselves whatever we aspire to. We can become anything. We might even fashion ourselves into the rulers of Salem.
— Mercy to Hathorne

The relationship between madame witch Mercy Lewis and Magistrate Wendell Hathorne.

Throughout the Salem series[edit | edit source]

Season Three[edit | edit source]

Mercy Lewis and Magistrate Hathorne met formally when he stood at the Bird's Nest with the intention of detecting portion of the profits of the brothel, as agreed with the previous owner. Their speeches containing veiled sexual references were crowned with a toast. What Hathorne was unaware of was that his drink had been poisoned by the mistress with her witchcraft. This led to a second meeting, during which Hathorne, torn by Canker blossom, begged the witch to free him from the curse. She only accepted on condition that he had become her servant, giving to understand that she was willing to a sexual relationship. (The Heart Is A Devil)

Mercy was willing to use the man for her own personal gain, by leveraging his influential social position among the selectmen of Salem to re-establish her name in society. The two continued to have a sexual relationship, enlivened by erotic games that would be judged sinful by puritan morality. Mercy, meanwhile, made sure to discredit Mr Putnam in the eyes of the citizens of Salem and Knocker's Hole, highlighting the Magistrate Hathorne thanks to rumors spread by her henchmen. (The Reckoning)

The relationship between the two deepened following the assassination attempt against Mercy by her former henchmen, freed from her witchcraft by Isaac Walton. At the bedside of the woman, Hathorne in fact refused to take the antidote that would have totally cured him from canker blossom, preferring to remain in the company of his beloved. (The Commonwealth of Hell)

When Alice Land and other prostitutes offered their blood to treat Mercy, Hathorne offered to wash away excess blood and the two began to plan their ascent as the undisputed lords of Salem. (Wednesday's Child)

Their union was sealed by a marriage officiated by Reverend Cotton Mather at the Bird's Nest, with clients and prostitutes as witnesses. Mercy, however, made the mistake of trusting Anne Hale about her intentions to remain a widow soon, giving to understand that she was not really in love with Hathrone or, at least, was more interested in getting social prestige in spite of the means of get it. (Friday's Knights)

Happiness resulted from the marriage was quickly extinguished by the problems caused by Isaac Walton, who was urging the unfortunate citizens of Knocker's Hole to turn against Hathorne and his wife. The abduction of Dorcas, and later of Isaac himself, was the straw that broke the camel. (Saturday Mourning)

Hounded in the brothel by the mob, the two were killed by Anne Hale hand, who revealed to Hathorne the real intentions of his wife about widowhood, and how his opinion was irrelevant, because he was a man. At that point, Mercy confessed that those were her initial plans, but over time she really fell in love with Hathorne and for this reason both were killed by the witch during her ascent to "Queen of the Night". While choking, Mercy and Hathorne looked at each other until life left their bodies. (Black Sunday)

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Hathorne: Uh, for a poor mistress, you've obviously done well for yourself here, and in such a short time.
Mercy: There is gold in men's lust. And there has been, shall we say, considerable pent-up demand in Salem.
Hathorne: Pent-up demand? - (chuckling) Indeed. A woman who knows business.
Mercy: Please, how can I serve you?
-- The Heart Is A Devil
Mercy: Then we must begin as we mean to continue. On your knees.
-- The Heart Is A Devil
Mercy: See the ability to stop you is one of my gifts. And you'll come to enjoy it, too. It can be used to prolong things in a most delightful way.
Hathorne: What do you want?
Mercy: At first, I wanted revenge. Revenge on your contempt for women, exceeded only by your desire to just use them. But then I I saw something in you. Something that looked much like me. Unloved creatures both, who have clawed out of the dark corners. Self-made and on the make.
-- The Reckoning
Mercy: Come. Put that restored tongue to better use than talking.
-- The Reckoning
Hathorne: What astonishing powers you have! What have you done to me!?
Mercy: Only reminded you that we need not strain for a far-off Heaven when our bodies may take us there here on Earth.
Hathorne: You are wise beyond your age.
-- Night's Black Agents
Mercy: We may fashion ourselves whatever we aspire to. We can become anything. We might even fashion ourselves into the rulers of Salem.
-- Night's Black Agents

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Similar to the brief relationship between Mary Sibley and Dr Samuel Wainwright during the second season, Mercy and Hathorne have shown an interest in erotic practices out of the social conventions of the time, and that today would be classified as a branch of BDSM practices.

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