Mercy Lewis: You're being cruel. I thought you wanted me.

Sebastian: Wanted you? No one has ever wanted you.

The turbulent relationship between the pureblood witch and Baron Sebastian Von Marburg and the commoner Essex witch Mercy Lewis.

Early History

The two know each other thanks to the Countess's diabolical plans to destroy the Essex Hive and complete herself the Ritum Magni.

Throughout the Salem series

In The Beckoning Fair One, Sebastian expressed his contempt for Mercy. Returning together with his mother on their ship, they found Mercy naked and covered in the blood of a slaughtered girl, whose blood is spreading on the carpet. Sebastian tries to beat the girl, but was stopped by the Countess.

In Midnight Never Come, Sebastian's patience reaches its peak when he's awakened by Mercy attempting to have sexual intercourse while the man is sleeping in the bed of Mary Sibley, probably dreaming of the woman who haunts him so much. When the Mercy reveals her love for him, Sebastian laughs at her and tells her that he consider her but a commoner from Salem's slums and threatened her with a knife and his magic,taking away her breath with a hand gesture, before slamming her out of the room, with no clothes on, and ordered her to return to the ship with the other servants.


Mercy Lewis: Oh, I know. I'm so sorry. It was just Oh, it was so good.
Sebastian Von Marburg: You will be sorry, you filthy, little wretch!
Countess Von Marburg: Children, children It's only a little blood.
-- in The Beckoning Fair One
Mercy Lewis: Oh, you're just jealous.
Mary Sibley: Child, what could you possibly possess that would ever make me jealous?
Mercy Lewis: The heart of a prince. I intend to marry Sebastian Marburg. The first time I saw him, I knew he was meant for me. And the Marburgs are royalty. I'll be a princess, even a real queen someday.
Mary Sibley: Be careful what you wish for. I can tell you how happy queens are.
Mercy Lewis: False queens. That's all you ever were.
--in Midnight Never Come
Sebastian Von Marburg: Get out!
Mercy Lewis: Wasn't that a nice way to wake up?
Sebastian Von Marburg: Yes, if I liked waking up to a dog nuzzling my bollocks.
Mercy Lewis: Well, then, tell me what would please you. I'll do anything you want.
Sebastian Von Marburg:How about you leave me well and far alone? You're no use to us anymore.
Mercy Lewis: That isn't true.
Sebastian Von Marburg: No, it isn't true. You were never any use to us.
Mercy Lewis: You're being cruel. I thought you wanted me.
Sebastian Von Marburg: Wanted you? No one has ever wanted you. Not your own father, nor the Essex hive, and certainly not I. Mary Sibley is the one I desire, and I shall have no other.
Mercy Lewis: You're hurting me.
Sebastian Von Marburg: No. Now I'm hurting you.
Mercy Lewis: I'll tell your mother.
Sebastian Von Marburg: No need. I'll tell her. She used to like watching me play.
Mercy Lewis: The countess told me I was like a daughter to her.
Sebastian Von Marburg: The Queen of queens has a real daughter and no need for a pale, feral imitation of one fished out from Salem's gutters. Now, if if my mother wants you, she'll fetch you. So stay where you belong on the ship with the rest of the servants.
-- in Midnight Never Come



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