Let the Reign of Darkness begins!
— Marburg and Essex witches

"Midnight Never Come" is the twelfth episode of Season Two of Salem, and the twenty-fifth episode of the series overall. It premiered on June 21st, 2015 on WGN America.


With the "Starry Messenger" comet drawing ever closer, John Alden fights for his very life, while Anne Hale works to comfort and protect one whose life or death brings with it great consequences for Witch and mortal alike. She soon learns another unfathomable secret about her past, and finds she’s faced with a terrifying decision that could greatly impact the Countess’s plans. Mary, palpably affected by recent events, finds herself in a wholly unfamiliar situation, leading her to try a risky gambit. Meanwhile, when John shares shocking and unbelievable information with Cotton, it leads the younger Mather to seek out answers on his own, but he discovers only more questions; Mercy pursues desires of her own, but finds another’s prediction to be fatefully and disappointingly accurate; and Isaac finds himself in a wholly unfamiliar position among his fellows.

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Mercy Lewis (to Mary Sibley): "How does it feel to lose everything you ever had?"
Mary Sibley (to Mercy Lewis): "You'll find out sooner enough"
Countess Von Marburg (to Anne Hale): "With every breath we take we betray someone's trust."
Countess Von Marburg, Anne Hale and Tituba (in unison):"Let the Reign of Darkness begins!"



Behind the Scenes


  • This episode marks the completion of the Grand Rite began in The Vow.
  • Cotton Mather discovers that his wife Anne is a witch.
  • Mary and Marcy have their first meeting after the alleged death of the latter.

Cultural References

  • As mentioned by Adam Simon in the Writer's Wrap of this episode, it's a reference to the famous poem "Doctor Faustus", where the main character hopes with all his heart for midnight to never come, because at that time the devil will come to reclaim the soul of the necromancer. As Dr. Faustus, Mary also hopes in the defeat of the Great Rite and for the dreaded hour to never come.

International Titles

  • French: Que Jamais Minuit Ne Sonne (That midnight never ring)
  • German: Die Weihe (The Consecration)
  • Italian: Che Non Giunga la Mezzanotte (That Midnight Never Come)

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