This page is for minor characters throughout the Salem (TV Series) that there is not that much information on.

Character Description Status Actor
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Nathaniel is the servant of Sibley's house, responsible for delivering messages, manage the household work and take care of George Sibley personal toilet. Alive Ian Sinclair
Abigail Cook
the young woman pilloried for fornication with Isaac and banished from Salem town. Unknown Alexandra Daniels
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A young pregnant prostitute Divining Rod, whose deformed unborn child was used as evidence against Bridget Bishop, leading her to be hanged. Unknown Teri Wyble
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Mrs. Sibley
the late wife of George Sibley, poisoned by John Hale to pave the way for Mary in the bed of Sibley. Deceased Marjorie Ocho Kouns
an orphan whose parents were massacred by the Indians, who lives in an orphanage run by Bridget Bishop and Anne Hale. Since his parents died, he stopped talking. Alive Braden Fitzgerald
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Mercy's friends
Charlotte, Elizabeth, Kitty, Charity and Hanna are the first girls who have joined Mercy Lewis forming an atypical hive. Captured by Increase Mather, they were tortured, prosecuted and hanged for blasphemy. Deceased Teri Wyble, Emily Marie Palmer, Ashton Smiley, Lucy Faust, Heaven Needham
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Chicken Thief
a young thief of Knocker's hole. Deceased (presumably by pox infection) Toby Nichols
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a child attracted by the Countess to act as a bridge to her curse on the water.Probably she died because of the rotten water that she vomited. Unknown Celeste Malmay
Unnamed Girl
a child who has predicted the death that hovers in Knockers'hole. Alive Camden Flowers
Unnamed Girl
a little girl kidnapped and bled by Mercy Lewis Deceased Olivia Renee Dupepe
Unnamed Girl
a girl who worked in Knocker's hole flyer, beaten by her mistress. Deceased Caroline Delatte
Captain Braun
captain of the Von Marburg ship and faithful servant of Countess Von Marburg, responsible for Isaac Walton and Dollie Trask abduction, after having tricked the latter with the false promise of a ride to Boston. Burned alive by Mary Sibley when she bursts into the ship. Deceased Miles Doleac
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Militia Leader
Militia leader is a gruff and arrogant citizen of Salem with a very bad attitude towards John Alden. Alive Owen Harn
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Towering Bird Dick Man / Isaac's Man
A blacksmith enslaved by Mercy Lewis to act as her henchman, and later freed by Isaac Walton, becoming his staunch ally. Alive Clint James
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