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Mrs Stoughton
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William Stoughton (husband)

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Meagen Fay



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Night's Black Agents

I don't want your pie in the sky when I die. I want my pie now! And I prefer to have a meat pie!
— Mrs Stoughton to Cotton Mather

Mrs Stoughton is a cannibal witch, wife of the late William Stoughton. She is a guest character in the third season of Salem portrayed by actress Meagen Fay.

Early Life Edit

Bostonian and former puritan, Mrs. Stoughton and her husband made a deal with the Devil when they both moved to the countryside. She belonged to the parish of Increase Mather, and took part to Cotton Mather's graduation party.

Personality Edit

Mrs Stoughton is an eccentric witch with cannibalistic inclinations. Contrary to what one might expect from a Puritan woman, she is generous with affection towards her husband and toward her familiar, under the guise of a little white poodle. Mrs Stoughton is prone to easily get excited and, thrilled by the excitement, seems to be unable to grasp the meaning of certain actions, showing a reckless impulsiveness. In spite of this, the witch is aware of the identity of the Dark Lord and his Fallen Angels, as well as a general smattering of the history of witchcraft.

Physical Appearance Edit

A middle-aged woman with a facial at heart, blue eyes and reddish brown hair in a bun under the black bonnet combined with an austere dress, perfect for camouflage as a Puritan woman.

Throughout the Salem series Edit

When the Dark Lord puts a price on the head of Cotton Mather fleeing in Salem's neighboring woods, Mr and Mrs Stoughton stumble accidentally into the Reverend, risking almost to overwhelm him with their wagon. Recalling old memories of their lives in Boston, Mrs. Stoughton took the opportunity to magically cause sleep in young the Reverend so they can kidnap him easily. Cotton when he wakes up, he discovers to be tied with ropes to the Stoughton house kitchen table. Desperate by discovering that old family friends have sold themselves to the devil, Cotton is scolded by Mrs Stoughton, which puts him aware that the Bible is good for the city life, but when one lives in the countryside is the Moon that one must answer. After sent William to pretend to look Cotton along with the other witches, Mrs Stoughton starts to oil Cotton's chest with the intention of doing him in pieces and cook him in honor of the Devil. Meanwhile, the two have a theological conversation. On the point of stabbing Cotton with a newly sharpened shears, the woman is stopped in time by her husband, who is not convinced that the Devil wants to eat Cotton. Mrs Stoughton is offended, and Cotton takes advantage of the squabble between the spouses to stab William's chest and immolate the poodle in the fireplace, with great despair of the woman. (Night's Black Agents)

Powers and Abilities Edit

Mrs Stoughton claims to be able to understand the language of animals, in particular that of Little Lady, her familiar under the guise of a little white poodle.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Cotton Mather: Where am I?
Mrs Stoughton: You're in my cozy kingdom my kitchen.
-- Night's Black Agents
Mr Stoughton: He don't understand the speech of animals.
Cotton Mather: Speech of animals!?
Mrs Stoughton: Oh, the little darling. She says she's just been biting your father's burning balls in Hell.
-- Night's Black Agents
Cotton Mather: Oh, God, please!
Mrs Stoughton: There will be no talk of him in this house.
-- Night's Black Agents
Mrs Stoughton: Your father's sermons were fine for city folk, but once you dedicate yourself to reaping and sowing, it's the voice of the moon you hear. And it tells a different tale.
-- Night's Black Agents
Mrs Soughton (to Cotton Mather) : Oh, well, if it was up to your God, we would all be naked and ignorant in wretched Eden. Who clothed us? Who taught us to till the soil? Who gave us the gift of fire that transforms animals into meat and grain into bread? Your God? No.'Twas our Dark Lord and his Fallen Angels. It is to them we owe all that we are. He is coming to claim his kingdom. And we rejoice.
-- Night's Black Agents
Cotton Mather: You risk an eternity of suffering in Hell when, with one act of grace to me, you could gain an eternity in Heaven! Please!
Mrs Stoughton': I don't want your pie in the sky when I die. I want my pie now! And I prefer to have a meat pie!
-- Night's Black Agents
Mr Stoughton: Stop, my dear! Our Dark Lord wants him greatly, but he insists on having him alive...
Mrs Stoughton: Alive? But he will taste horrid alive.
Mr Stoughton: I'm not sure he intends on eating him.
Mrs Stoughton: Not eat him? Nonsense. Surely as soon as the Dark Lord tastes my dish, he will give us even more!
Mr Stoughton: Very risky, my dear. Very risky.
Mrs Stoughton: William, are you questioning my cooking?
Mr Stoughton: Of course not, but we mustn't risk angering him. You saw what he did to that Essex hag.
Mrs Stoughton: Are you calling me a hag now? .
-- Night's Black Agents



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