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Omnilingualism is the supernatural ability to speak and understand nearly every single language, either human, or otherworldly.

Description[edit | edit source]

Words confer power and have a crucial role in occult practices. While the average human is forced to study with considerable effort to master a fair number of languages, supernatural entities such as Fallen Angels seem to be strongly advantaged in acquiring mastery of languages never heard before without training, proving to assimilate intuitively complex concepts with extreme simplicity. Since angels have contributed to the creation of the universe, it's fair to assert that they are omniscient to a certain degree

Even witches seem to possess a fraction of this ability, proving to be adept at understanding and speaking fluently backward languages, as well as dead languages such as Latin, although the latter may just be the result of study of the Old Ways, or mere repetition of written spells since its use is rather limited.

Human beings, whether they are witches or not, are able to speak languages unknown to them during demonic possession, as demonstrated by John Sibley during an exorcism ritual practiced on him by Rev. Cotton Mather.

Notable Languages[edit | edit source]

English[edit | edit source]

English. That's what it is. Better call it "anguish." Sounds like the whimper of whipped dogs.
— The Sentinel about English

English is the language spoken by most of the characters, with a subtle archaic cadence accentuated during the recitation of spells and rhymes. According to the personal point of view of one of the most notorious Fallen Angels, formally known as The Sentinel, English is comparable to the whimper of whipped dogs.

Enochian[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Old Tongue
Nostoah nanaeel olani noasmi...
— example of Enochian spoken by the Sentinel

Enochian, colloquially referred to as the Old Tongue, is an otherworldly archaic language spoken by the Angels in Heaven. According to the Dark Lord, he didn't hear the Old Tongue for eons before his reunion with his brother, the Sentinel. While Enochian is an angelic language, demonization and/or bastardization of ancient languages such as Aramaic and Hebrew appear to be an exclusive hallmark of demons, like the blasphemous invocations uttered by John Sibley during the exorcism, a clear demonization of the last words of Christ.

French[edit | edit source]

French is a Romance language brought to America by settlers from the territories of the French colonial empire. French is spoken almost exclusively by French troops, although the aristocratic Von Marburg witches, Sebastian Von Marburg in particular, speak fluently French.

German[edit | edit source]

Windstille - er sucht mich aber ich bleibe versteckt.
— German witch's message to Mr. Hale

German is a Germanic language of the Indo-European family spoken primarily by Countess Von Marburg, her son Sebastian, and their entourage. Magistrate John Hale, as a man of the world, is known to have knowledge of the German language as demonstrated by his contact with a German witch, hired to hinder the arrival of Increase Mather to Salem.

Latin[edit | edit source]

Cruor innocentia maleficarum pestilentia Walpurgisnacht consummatum est.
— Grand Rite inauguration in Latin

Latin is a dead language that, along with Ancient Greek, it's defined a classical language. It was a discipline highly taken into account in academic studies. Official language of the Roman Church, Latin is the main language of prayers and exorcisms. Increase Mather, Cotton Mather, Reverend Lewis and Dr Wainwright are skillfull in Latin language due to their studies, either theological or scientific. Some rituals require the pronunciation of spells in Latin.

Native American idioms[edit | edit source]

The totality of the languages spoken by various Native American tribes. John Alden, due to his long stay at an Indian Village, and his friendship with some Indians, has acquired sufficient knowledge of at least one Native American language that he uses during dealings and conversations with Indian allies. During her confrontation with Sooleawa, Countess Von Marburg proved to be familiar with the Indian girl's mother tongue.

Widdershins speaking[edit | edit source]

The typical feature of the Essex Hive's elder members (i.e. The Hags, Widdershins) is their willingness to express themselves talking in reverse. In spite of this, Mary Sibley, Tituba and John Hale, do not seem to prove any difficulty in understanding every single word uttered by elders. Since Widdershins means "counterclockwise", "walk backwards" it is possible that their name has something to do with this particular feature.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Enochian is heard for the first time in After the Fall.
  • Latin is heard for the first time in The Vow. To bear in mind are some subtle errors in pronunciation and syntax of some Latin phrases spoken in the series.
  • German is heard - and read - for the first time in Our Own Private America.

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