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There is not only one of anything. Not only one sun in the sky, but an infinity of suns in the sky. Not only one Earth, but an infinity of Earths wandering lost in the night.
— Countess Von Marburg

Parallel Dimensions are physical or spiritual worlds intersected with each other to create different realities.


In the words of the ancient witch currently known as Countess Von Marburg, there are many universes that exist independently of each other and that sometimes can intersect with each other, especially through recourse to magical practices. The existence of these planes of existence is usually due to divine intervention, at least according to the dictates of most religions who see reality as a manifestation of divine entities passed into history as gods. According to the Native American teachings of Shamanism, nature itself is nothing but the manifestation of a higher entity that they revere by the name of Great Spirit and that is the harmonious representation of nature. The same concept can be traced back to a secular vision of nature as a separate entity promoted by scholar Dr. Wainwright, thesis also followed by the Reverend Cotton Mather during one of his mystical crisis. Christian teachings, instead, promote the existence of at least two different planes in addition to Earth; these places are generally referred to as Heaven, a place of peace for the blessed, where pious souls glory of God's presence; and Hell, where the souls of sinners are serving eternal damnation. These dimensions have proved the existence of an Afterlife, although its real laws are still unknown, as it appears that the entrance in one or in the other does not depend entirely from moral ethics as taught by Christianity. A parallel dimension that seems to be common to all human beings is the oneiric world of Dreamland, achieved through sleep or magical intervention. It is also possible, by magical means, creating interconnections between one place and another, approaching distant places as if they were the folds of a blanket, or hiding from view rooms or entire buildings with witchcraft. These places are conveniently called blood chambers, as they are usually chambers that require a blood pledge to be open.

In History

The idea of the existence of realms parallel to our reality has always tickled the minds of men since ancient times. Realms inhabited by bizarre creatures or monsters, as you do or spirits are present in religions and myths of most cultures, sometimes even with curious similarities. Witches have always been associated with this type of alternative realities; for example, in several European countries there are legends that explain how witches and sorcerers learn their arts in secret and mysterious places, inhabited by demons or fairies depending on the culture, places that are similar to dreams or nightmares. Many are the legends of the poor unfortunates who fall asleep and wake up in the realm of fairies (also know as Elphame) and are rewarded with gold coins only to discover, once back in the real world, that it was an illusion and that the coins were actually stones or pine cones.

Throughout the Salem series

What appear to be the souls of the damned danced in a hellish pitch puddle at the Sabbath, proving the existence of a different plane of existence where souls reside. The powerful Essex witch Mary Sibley created spells to penetrate Anne Hale's and Isaac Walton's dreams, manipulating them to her liking to extract information. For the same reasons she's also entered in John Alden's dreams and entered George Sibley's dreams in an attemption to kill him once and for all. With the intention of escaping the imminent plague that is about to fall following the opening of the dreaded Malum, John Hale showed his daughter the way to conceal rooms by witchcraft and bloody sacrifices.

During their first meeting Countess Von Marburg attracts Anne Hale in the parallel dimension with a simple touch of the hand, penetrating inside the mind of the young woman. Here the Countess puts her aware of some events such as to communicate with the dead or bring the rain with her simple tears, but she epecially wants to have information on the Grand Rite and witches living in Salem. During the meeting, Anne is naked in a tub in the middle of the forest while the Countess is wearing a dress made of rags in which starfish and shells are embedded. All their meeting lasts but a second in reality. By means of necromancy, the art to communicate with the dead, the Samhain witch Mary Sibley also ripped the soul of Increase Mather from his personal Hell, discovering some of the mysteries on how Hell actually works. Leveraging the same John Hale knowledge about concealing spells, Tituba imprisoned John Alden in a secret room which can be accessed through a magical opening in the House of the Seven Gables. Later, Mary Sibley went secretly aboard the Marburg's ship and once in the hold, she cut her palm to open the passage to the clearing, revealing then that another way to go in parallel realm is through the ship, in much the same way when witches want to enter the rooms concealed by magic. On the brink of death, John Alden has crossed the meadows illuminated by divine light accompanied by his Shamanfriend and the latter daughter, Sooleawa, although he was then brought back to life by Mary Sibley with witchcraft.




Salem- 202 "Blood Kiss" Anne and Countess Marburg


  • Time flows differently in parallel dimensions, as demonstrated by the hologram-projected dimension created by the Countess in which she questioned Anne Hale for several minutes, although in "reality" passed only a few seconds.
  • Same goes for dreams, where someone can virtually be projected in places far in the memory and space and in more or less time than the reality.
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