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I am here in my hut. Come. My place is now your place.
— Petrus to Tituba

Petrus' Hut was the refuge of Petrus, commonly known as the Seer, for most of his life nearby Salem, Massachusetts.

Description[edit | edit source]

A hut located in the dense woods surrounding Salem, whose location apparently changes from time to time to disorient unwanted guests if we consider the words of Magistrate John Hale, who, however, has also admitted to not being an expert when it comes to going into the woods. Exteriorly the shed is covered with large wooden tables and trunks covered with moss that camouflaged the hut with the external environment. The interior of the cabin consists of a fairly large room with a dirt floor and several shelves on which are stacked stuffed animals that include a wide range of terrestrial beasts and birds of prey such as foxes, wolves, owls and crows among others. A large wooden table is positioned at the center of the room, burdened by the weight of a number of wooden and glass bowls and cauldrons, many left to burn directly on the tabletop creating puddles of dried wax on the table, and several jars containing herbs and roots useful for spells and rituals of the shrewd man.

Throughout the Salem series[edit | edit source]

Season One[edit | edit source]

When the Circle was broken, Magistrate Hale consulted the Seer in order to discover the identity of those who had spied on the witches' Sabbath. The witch had some difficulty in finding the hut, claiming to have the impression that it had changed its location within the woods. Once inside, Petrus practiced his craft surrounded by stuffed animals that made the Magistrate somewhat uncomfortable. (The Stone Child)

Some time later, Captain John Alden went to the woods to clear his mind on the whole witch business and found himself in the vicinity of the cabin. Reconnoitered the area, he decided to venture inside the hut, searching through Petrus' stuff while, unbeknownst to him, eerie stuffed animals such as a monkey and an owl opened their eyes whenever he looked the other way, spying on him. On his way out, he was attacked by a rabid stuffed dog revived by unknown magical means. Managed to escape the attack, he stumbled across John Hale and the two left the cabin to return to the town. (In Vain)

Afterwards, Petrus' hut was the meeting place for a secret encounter between Tituba and the Seer. Since the Samhain was nowhere to be found, Tituba consulted Petrus to get a quick response, getting answers to another kind of question she did not know she wanted to ask. (The Red Rose and the Briar)

Season Two[edit | edit source]

Mary Sibley paid a visit to Petrus, tormented by ignorance about John Alden's fate. The Essex Hive Samhain, much like Tituba, was not uncomfortably disturbed by Petrus's array of oddities, completely prey to her burning questions about her lover. (Cry Havoc)

Sometime later, the Seer invited the Captain into his hut after stumbling across him in the woods. Unbeknownst to him, or perhaps by purpose, Petrus found death at the hands of John Alden, willingly to get rid of all the Devil's witches in Salem, beginning with the getting rid of their powerful Seer. Lying dead on the floor, Petrus's corpse remained without a proper burial. (Blood Kiss)

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Season Three[edit | edit source]

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SCENES FROM SALEM Episode 3 -- The Seer's Cabin

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The hut served as a refuge for several characters throughout the series. In the second season John Alden and Cotton Mather sought refuge there following the untimely death of the owner at the hands of John Alden himself. In the third season, the spirit of Petrus sheltered a recently blinded Tituba in the hut, offering her comfort and safety from the rampant chaos in town.

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