I, of course, am not really here.
— Tituba about her projection

Projection is the supernatural ability to move freely on the physical and astral planes by magical means.

Description[edit | edit source]

There are many doors to many places for a witch.
— Mary Sibley about projecting

Projection is a widespread practice used by witches to achieve their purposes. Depending on the experience and prowess of the witch resorting to this prodigious power, projection can be triggered by different means, leading consequently to different results. A feature that distinguishes many of the practices attributable to projection are the irises magically turned white and a kind of self-induced trance that, in certain cases, can lead to a temporary paralysis. Knowledge of the destination, as well as the ability to discern reality from illusion, are recommended to the witch who intends to delve into the intricacies of the various realms of the Universe.

Projection Branches[edit | edit source]

Hereinafter are listed the various sub-branches of Projection, exploiting the concept of projecting the body, spirit, or a combination of the above to the desired destination.

Astral Projection[edit | edit source]

Main article: Astral Projection

Astral projection, known alternatively as spectral projection, is the ability to create a magic double and send it to whatever desired location. Generally, but not necessarily, this duplication of the witch will be intangible as if it were an actual spectre. To achieve the necessary mental state to separate the spirit from the body, witches are wont to resort to the help of sexual magic, aroused through a witch's shaft. Astral projection generally causes paralysis in the limbs of the witch, deprived of support from the strong spirit projected elsewhere. Mary Sibley is a mistress of this magical feats.

Bilocation[edit | edit source]

Main article: Bilocation

Bilocation is the supernatural phenomenon of being in two places simultaneously. Unlike astral projection, the witch holds full control of both bodies and it is possible that the duplicate is as tangible as a real human being. Bilocation appears to be an advanced form of projection, as only very powerful witches have been able to accomplish it. According to Adam Simon, Countess Von Marburg has had thousands of years to master this technique.

Dream Walking[edit | edit source]

Main article: Dream Walking

Dream Walking is a perilous ritual that allows invading the mind of another person while asleep. Resorting to the aid of a mysterious ointment used to urge the spirit to move out of the body, this form of projection is very risky because it offers the opportunity to probe the mind of another person, with all the pros and cons that it brings. If a witch fails to distinguish reality and dreams, death will be reached soon.

Spectral Attack[edit | edit source]

Main article: Specter

A spectral attack is an eerie ability to create a monstrous duplicated in the guise of a hag in order to scare, harm or even kill the intended victim. Projecting a spectre requires steady mind and concentration. Unlike astral projection, sending forth a spectre does not cause paralysis in the witch's body.

Teleportation[edit | edit source]

Main article: Teleportation

Teleportation offers the possibility to move through the doors of reality at a very advanced level. Unlike many types of projection previously discussed, teleportation allows a witch to move through space with the physical body, reaching more or less far distances in a matter of seconds. The most that this power can offer is to carry other persons, projecting not only their bodies but also that of another living being, demonstrating a great mental and magical prowess.

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

Mary Sibley (to Mercy Lewis): "You must learn to walk wherever you will without your body."
Our Own Private America
Mercy Lewis: "But will it really work? How will I leave my body?"
Mary Sibley: "Follow your bliss. It will lead you out of your body and out of the window. Stay focused and remember, your job tonight is to terrify Mrs. Trask.
Mercy Lewis: "I understand. Are you gonna send me now?"
Mary Sibley: "Close your eyes. Picture where you want to go."
Our Own Private America

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Projection is a generic term for a variety of powers and abilities widely used throughout the entire series by mostly any of the main witches.
  • Since the abilities held by witches are granted by their affiliation with Higher Powers, it is fair to say that angels are able to accomplish these feats of magic as well.
  • In "Night's Black Agents," during a conversation with Cotton Mather, Tituba claimed to be able to send the Reverend wherever he had so wished, by simply crossing an enchanted door.
  • Particular forms of divination such as Clairvoyance share similarities with the projection, as it allows to project witch's consciousness in other times and places to discover the unknown. Light white eyes and trancelike state are common elements.

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