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The way the hag kissed you, that is the German witch's way. It is one of her signatures.
— Tituba to Mary Sibley

Retrocognition is the power to obtain hidden information about ones past by supernatural means.


Retrocognition is one of the best methods to obtain information about another's past and is generally performed through a kiss with the individual. However, in spite of its benefits and power, most witches do not resort to this skill, and only appears to be common among German witches, especially the Marburgs. Nevertheless, this power is by no means without limits, and according to Countess Marburg, the deeper the secret is hidden, the harder it is to uncover.

Notable Examples

  • Pureblood Von Marburg witches, both mother and son, are currently the only ones to have demonstrated this ability. Sebastian is able to sense the secrets that the mother has stolen by kissing her, because apparently, this power leaves a trail that can be intercepted.

Memorable Quotes

Sebastian Von Marburg: What did she taste like, mother?
Countess Von Marburg: Like lemons and honey. Like strawberry and sugar. Like innocence.
Sebastian Von Marburg: I can still taste the honey.
Countess Von Marburg: Well, nothing lingers like innocence.
-- Blood Kiss
Countess Von Marburg (to Tituba): let us taste what you are made of. Mystery and misery. And lies.
-- Midnight Never Come
Countess Von Marburg (to Tituba): But are you telling the truth? Lies drip from your lips like honey. I can taste the lies that you told Mary, the Essex, John Alden.
-- Midnight Never Come


  • This ability appears to be a more direct and intimate form of Psychometry, as both powers allows a witch to detect otherwise hidden information through paranormal means.
  • In Writer's Wrap: Blood Kiss, Adam Simon described this particular ability as follows: "Scientists say that, you know, when you kiss somebody somehow your body learns everything about another body. Every kiss is different. Some are kisses of love, some are mother-child devotion. And then there is the 'blood kiss', which is a kiss peculiar to the Marburg witches. They can read anything about somebody. Everything they know".
  • According to Von Marburg witches, feelings and people leave a different taste on the witch's lips. Innocence has a sweet taste like that of honey and sugar, and is one of the feelings that linger the most. Lies are also sweet, while betrayal has the bitter and salty taste of tears.

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