No. Image Title Writer Director Airdate
1 Salem - Episode 1.01 - The Vow - Promotional Photos (11) 595 slogo "The Vow" Brannon Braga
Adam Simon
Richard Shepard April 20, 2014
John Alden returns to Salem, Massachusetts after seven years of fighting a war to find his home amidst a witch panic. He also discovers that the love of his life, Mary Walcott, is now married the richest man in the town, George Sibley.
2 Salem - Episode 1.02 - The Stone Child - Promotional Photos (3) "The Stone Child" Brannon Braga &
Adam Simon
David Von Ancken April 27, 2014
Following the first death of the Grand Rite, Mary intends to sacrifice another innocent before the next full hunters moon in the form of a sign. Meanwhile, John works with Cotton Mather and Issac Walton in order to locate and stop the witches.
3 In vain promo 4 "In Vain" Elizabeth Sarnoff &
Tricia Small
Alex Zakrzewski May 4, 2014
When Magistrate Hale discovers that it was Isaac who broke the witches circle, it's up to John to save him. A power struggle arises within the hive, forcing Mary to assert her authority with potentially deadly consequences.
4 Salem-Promo-Still-S1E04-41-Mary and Mercy "Survivors" Jon Harmon Feldman David Von Ancken May 11, 2014
A face from John's past comes to Salem, and Mary's plans nearly come apart when she loses control of Mercy Lewis. Elsewhere, Mary's most trusted ally, Tituba, is forced to deceive John in order to eliminate a threat that endangers her mistress.
5 Salem-Promo-Still-S1E05-56-Sabbat-Mercy-Emily-Dollie-Elizabeth 02 "Lies" Tricia Small &
Elizabeth Sarnoff
Sergio Mimica-Gezzan May 18, 2014
Following the discovery of The Malum, John acquires the help of Cotton to find out more about the Grand Rite. Mary tries to regain control of Mercy, and Tituba is tasked by the hive to finally discover the secret of John Alden that he has killed to keep.
6 Salem-Promo-Still-S1E06-02-Mercy and Mary 02 "The Red Rose and the Briar" Joe Menosky &
Adam Simon
P.J. Pesce May 25, 2014
After successfully capturing Rose, John and Cotton plan to extract information on the Grand Rite from her during the planetary alignment with Saturn. Mary assists Mercy in becoming a witch, and initiates her into the hive.
7 Salem-Promo-Still-S01E07-30-Barkers Burned At Stake "Our Own Private America" Adam Simon &
Brannon Braga
David Von Ancken June 1, 2014
Mary rediscovers her passion for John, and her new apprentice Mercy could help accelerate the Grand Rite. Magistrate Hale tries to delay an possible threat to the hive. His daughter, Anne, becomes more suspicious of those around her.
8 Salem-Promo-Still-S01E08-50-Cotton Gloriana 01 "Departures" Jon Harmon Feldman Alex Zakrzewski June 8, 2014
Upon his arrival, feared witch hunter Increase Mather wastes no time taking control of the witch hunt and Salem. Mary fears that Increase will discover her husband has been spelled, and enlists the help of Isaac to deter him from uncovering the truth.
9 Salem-Promo-Still-S1E09-10-Cotton Anne Alden Cemetery 02 "Children, Be Afraid" Elizabeth Sarnoff &
Tricia Small
David Grossman June 15, 2014
Mary must act quickly in order to prevent Increase from undoing the spell placed on her husband. Mercy and her followers prove themselves useful to the greater cause, and Cotton mourns over the banishment of Gloriana.
10 Salem-Promo-Still-S1E10-10-Increase Tortures Tituba "The House of Pain" Adam Simon &
Joe Menosky
David Von Ancken June 22, 2014
While Mary deals with Mercy's betrayal, Tituba must endure the torture inflicted upon her by Increase in his newly founded "House of Pain". Meanwhile, Anne stumbles upon one of her fathers artifacts and suddenly finds herself far from home.
11 Salem-Promo-Still-S1E11-30-Mary Sibley Meetinghouse "Cat and Mouse" Jon Harmon Feldman Tricia Brock June 29, 2014
With the help of Issac, Mary devises a plan that she hopes will rid her of both Mercy and Increase. John has been falsely accused of witchcraft and awaits trial, while Anne learns a dark truth about her heritage from her father.
12 Salem-Promo-Still-S1E12-04-Mary Sibley "Ashes, Ashes" Brannon Braga &
Adam Simon
Bill Johnson July 6, 2014
The trial of John Alden is held, with Increase as his prosecutor and Cotton as his defense. However, the ordeal brings a few unexpected secrets to light, and Mary is ultimately faced with a difficult decision.
13 Salem-Promo-Still-S1E13-38-John and Mary "All Fall Down" Brannon Braga &
Adam Simon
David Von Ancken July 13, 2014
Mary must choose between fleeing Salem with John or completing the Grand Rite, and Tituba reveals a long kept secret that could sway her decision. Meanwhile, Increase closes in on the witches, and the Hales prepare to go into hiding.