The Salem Inn is the local tavern located in the town of Salem, home to some events, especially in the first season.


Salem Inn is a tavern located on Salem main street. It is a yellow colored building at the base and with the outside of the second floor in dark wood. The interior is very dark, lit only by candles on the tables and the fireplace. The wooden tables are arranged along the entire room and opposite the entrance is the bar where the owner serves beer to customers.

On the second floor there are rooms for rent, including the one rented by Cotton Mather, and that he also uses as a study.

Outside, to indicate the presence of the tavern, is affixed on a rounded iron pole an oval wooden sign painted with a barrel and the name of the inn.

Throughout the Salem series





  • In the episode The Vow, John Alden referred to the innkeeper as Mr. Lamb.
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