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Salem timeline lists the major events that occurred over the three seasons in a concise format. More detailed information can be found in the linked main articles of such characters, events or years.


  • The First season took place over a span of six weeks in 1692, as told by Thomas Elliot to Rev. Cotton Mather in the premiere of the second season, taking place October 17th, 1692. [1] [2]
  • The Second season' started three days after the conclusion of the previous season, precisely on October 17th, 1692, and ended roughly around the start of the following year.
  • The Third season picked up directly afterwards. Given that "Wednesday's Child" marked the Holy Week's countdown for the Holy Easter, it is right to assume that the events take place in March 1693.


Primeval Time

  • God created the Angels and, then, they brought into existence the Universe and its creatures. [3]
  • Adam and Eve were the first human being created by God, and placed in the Garden of Eden, until Eve was seduced by the Serpent, thus becoming the first witch.[4] [5]
  • In an indefinite time, a host of angels led by Samael attacked the heavenly citadel to dethrone the tyrannical God the Father. [6] [7]
  • According to The Sentinel, angel slew angel as the rebels fought their way up Mount Zaphon. [7]
  • The rebellion of the angels was quelled, and those who dared to challenge the Almighty were imprisoned in the newly created Hell. [6] [7]
  • Fallen Angels taught divine secrets to human beings such as agriculture, farming and, of course, magic.[9]

Biblical Time

  • The sins of humankind were washed away with the Great Flood. [10]
  • The angels perpetrated the wrath of God in Sodom and Gomorrah. [3]
  • Samael, the Angel of Death, killed all the firstborn of Egypt. [3]
  • God became incarnate in Jesus Christ, having two "Mary" by his side. [7]
  • Countess Von Marburg, in one of her previous incarnations, was present at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, having the opportunity to witness the desperation of the Virgin Mary for her son's death. [11]
  • At one point in history, the mortal remains of the first body of the Countess were enshrined in a sarcophagus together with a spark of life, the source of her everlasting existence. [12]

Ancient and Classical Time

  • In one of her previous lives, the Countess was drowned to death. [8]
  • The Countess was worshipped as Hecate, an Anatolian goddess venerated also in Greece. Later on, she was also known as Medea, another mythological character associated with Hecate. [13]
  • During the Roman Empire, one of the previous incarnations of the Countess was captured, tortured and killed by nailing an iron mask on her face. [8]
  • Different cults and religions were widespread throughout the world, with a predominance of polytheism. The Essex Hive worshiped Mother Nature in the British Isles. [14]

Early Modern Period

  • When Christendom extended its dominion in the Old World, other religions deemed "pagan" were suppressed by force. [12]
    • The Crusades against the "infidels" and the Inquisition against the "heretics" were a clear example of the violent crackdown on a large scale to the detriment of non-Christians. [15]
  • 1442: Birth of Sebastian Von Marburg. [16]
  • Countess Von Marburg is known as "Bathory". [13] [17]
  • Unknown: Magyars, Roma, and Scythian hives are wiped out by the Countess. [18] [19]
  • Thirty years before the Salem Witch Trials, Increase Mather stifled Countess's previous incarnation in Germany, where she was worshipped as a Pagan Siren by a tribe of German witches. [8]
  • The brutal witch hunt in Europe forced the Essex Hive to flee to the Americas.
  • John Hale arrived in America after his parents were burned at the stake. Before sailing, he killed the man who sentenced his parents to death.
  • Spanish conquistadores raided villages in South America, slaughtering, raping and enslaving indigenous people. Tituba, a child, witnessed her family destroyed and sought the protection of the Kenaima. [20]
  • John Hale bought Tituba from a slave-ship. Later, she was sold to the Walcotts. [20]

1685 - 1692

introducing the setting of the show

Main article: 1685
  • On September 21st, 1685, Isaac Walton and Abigail Cook are pilloried for the crime of fornication. Isaac Walton is branded as fornicator for the crime by George Sibley, due to the aggravation of self-pollution. [21]
  • The insubordination of John Alden, and his inability to submit to narrow puritanical standards, led him to enlist in the militia against the French troops and the Indians who are battling with the British settlers. [21]
  • Before leaving for the war, John Alden promised to his beloved Mary that he will soon return to her and gave her half of silver coin. Mary is unknowingly pregnant. [21]
  • Tituba helped her pregnant mistress Mary to get rid of John's baby. Mary then offered the unborn child to the Kenaima and started her initiation into Witchcraft. [21]
  • During the war, John Alden became familiar with an Indian tribe that saved him from certain death. He became their ally and fought against the French and even against his own countrymen, whom he considered violent raiders. [22]


Main article: 1692

John returning 7 years later

  • Around September 1692, Captain John Alden returned to Salem seven years after his enlistment in the militia. [21]
  • On a full moon night, Mary Sibley held Sabbath to honor the start of the Grand Rite, that is expected to end on Walpurgis Night. (See Notes)[21]
  • Bridget Bishop was hanged for witchcraft in the public square, with the accusation of having bewitched an unborn child. [24]
  • The Malum is brought to Salem by William Hooke, but is intercepted by John Alden before it can end up in the hands of Rose Browning. [26]
  • Mercy Lewis began her apprenticeship as a witch under the guidance of Mary Sibley, with the disappointment of Tituba. Mercy Lewis meets the "Dark Man" in the woods and is initiated. [23]
  • Saturn planetary alignment appears in the vaulted sky. [23]
  • Increase Mather arrived in town in time to condemn the Barker family to be burnt at the stake. [27]
  • After Madam Mab is found guilty of witchcraft, she is subjected to the dunking chair, and Magistrate John Hale helped her to took her own life. [28]
  • Gloriana Embry is accused to be a witch by Mab, but she's found innocent and banished from Salem due to her being a prostitute. [28]
  • Mercy Lewis accused Tituba of having nursed a familiar. [29]
  • Tituba is brutally tortured by Increase Mather in his "House of Pain". Before accusing John Alden, Tituba revealed part of her past to Increase. [20]
  • Increase Mather charged John Alden for witchcraft, jumpstarting a trial also involving Mercy's followers. [30]
  • Emily Hopkins, Elizabeth, Susanna and Charity are hanged for consorting with the Devil. [22]
  • After discovering her witch heritage, Anne Hale brutally murdered her parents. [31]
  • Mary Sibley freed John Alden from prison, revealing her true nature as a witch. [31]
  • Cotton Mather is tricked by Mary into stabbing his father. She later use Increase's death as the thirteenth sacrifice to consecrate the land.[31]
  • After seven years, Mary Sibley reunited with her long-lost son, who she believed to be dead. [31]

Ending of 1692

  • Believing that he had killed his father, Cotton flees to Boston, Massachusetts where he is questioned by the council of elders. He's forbidden to return to Salem. [1]
  • Mary and her son, affectionately called "Little John", bonded during the three days after Increase's death. She is urged by Tituba to carry on with their plan. [1]
  • Mercy Lewis aspire to govern the hive alongside Mary Sibley since she is the one who actually beheaded Rose Browning. When both Mary and the Elders refuses to acknowledge Mercy's role in the hive, Mercy declare war to Mary by murdering the elders. [1]
  • John Alden, healed by the Shaman and Sooleawa, sought revenge against the Salem witches. [1] To implement his plan, he underwent a ceremony to get supernatural aid from the Great Spirit. [13]
  • In Boston, Anne Hale asked Cotton for help. There, she made the unpleasant acquaintance of the Countess Von Marburg, an ancient witch interested to discover who completed the Grand Rite. [13]
  • Dr. Samuel Wainwright came to Salem to investigate the causes of the plague and find a cure to the disease. Entered into the good graces of Mary Sibley, he rescued Isaac Walton, starting to work on a vaccine. [1] [13] [32]
  • After suffering a spectral attack, Mary Sibley is threatened by Countess Von Marburg to step aside and leave her the command of the Grand Rite.[18]
  • Countess Von Marburg and her son, Baron Sebastian Von Marburg, came to Salem in order to manipulate the Great Rite to their advantage. While the Countess began to pull the strings and using the citizens of Salem as puppets, Sebastian fell in love with Mary. [34] [4] [8]
  • The Witch Pox began to decimate the citizens of Salem. The corpses in the crags are then transformed into a mephitic pool of Hell-blood. [4] Because Baron Sebastian became jealous of Mary's relationship with Dr. Wainwright, he threw him into the pool of Hell blood, sending him straight to Hell. [8]
  • Increase Mather apologised to his son Cooton, and warned him of upcoming danger.[8]
  • Upon discovering that Tituba lied about John Alden's death, Mary imprisoned her. [4]
  • Mary and John team up to rescue their son from the Countess, and they are able to do so after Mary threatened to destroy the Countess' original remains. [12]
  • Anne Hale and Cotton Mather get married. [12]
  • Cotton is asked by Captain Alden to perform an exorcism on his son. [35]
  • Mary suffers under the yoke of Puritan oppression stemming from an alliance between Magistrate Hathorne and the Marburgs. [35]
  • Countess Von Marburg gathered the prominent witches of Salem in the woods and sacrificed John Sibley, thus fulfilling his role as Vessel of the Dark Lord on Earth. [5]
  • The Devil adjusted to his newly human host by punishing and rewarding the Salem witches. He bitten off Mercy's finger and the Countess reversed the effect of Blooming. The Devil also attacked Tituba with a murder of crows that savagely blinded her.[36]
  • Mary and the Countess had a fiery fight in the Salem Church, and later the Countess tasked Sebastian with the order to murder Mary in the woods. [36]
  • Upon discovering the Countess' plan, the Devil savagely killed her current host, trapping her in the Relic.[36]
  • Sebastian refused to kill Mary, but she later gave up her own life to save a lifeless John Alden. [36]
  • Cotton discovered that Anne is a witch and became victim of Anne's familiar, shoved down his throat. [36]


  • The Sentinel found a way out from his hellish prison, where he was trapped for thousands of years. Within a short time, he is reunited with his brother after aeons. [6]
  • Mary Sibley was brought back to life by Tituba and the Essex Elders with the power of the Primordial Tree, in order to destroy the Dark Lord's vessel. [6]
  • The Dark Lord jumpstarted his Inauguration by wreaking havoc in the villages of Massachusetts. [6]
  • Mary and John Alden team up to fight the war against the Devil from different directions. While he acts in secrets, she infiltrates the Devil's headquarters. The Sentinel puts Mary’s loyalty to a test. [37]
  • Sebastian and Anne force Cotton to make a speech at the church to ease the growing panic among the people. Meanwhile, he got rid of the familiar's influence. [37]
  • Mary is sentenced to be stripped of her magical powers after she attempted to assassinate the Devil's host. [3]

Wednesday of Holy Week, 1693

Thursday of Holy Week, 1693

Friday of Holy Week, 1693

Saturday of Holy Week, 1693

Sunday of Holy Week, 1693


Throughout the series, there were some inconsistencies with the dates.

  • In "The Vow", Mary recited the following incantation, "Cruor innocentia Maleficarum pestilentia Walpurgisnacht consummatum est. Now it begins.", stating that the "Witch Pox" will be finished on Walpurgisnacht, or Walpurgis Night, celebrated on the night of April 30th. However, this date is never mentioned again and the episode is stated to took place seven years after the prologue, happened on September 21st, 1685.
  • The second season clearly stated that Cotton arrived in Salem six weeks before and the current date of the second season premiere, "Cry Havoc", was October 17th, 1692, reinforcing the start of the series on September 1692. The Witch Pox then ran its course and the witches immediately stepped towards the next stage to consecrate the Vessel. The third season only put emphasis on the Black Sunday, or Satanic Easter. In 1693, Easter Sunday fell on March 22nd.


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